Inebriated socialite falls victim to the HUnter

~Lola Lynn~

bondage, damsel in distress, rope bondage, big tits, shiny, satin gown, high heels, upskirt, tied elbows, gagged girl, bandage gag, tape gag, struggling, bound running, escape attempt, recapture, stripped, hogtied, BDSM


Lola Lynn was attending the benefit art show in the old warehouse district when someone spiked her champagne. Suddenly she felt dizzy and confused and went looking for a ladies room. But in her confused state she didn't question the directions the man gave her and now she was lost in the maze of corridors. She didn't know she was being stalked by the as she wandered into his trap. Suddenly she was grabbed from the shadows and a foul smelling rag was clamped over her mouth and nose. Lola was already weak from the spiked drink and soon her body went limp and she was dragged away. He then pulled out his ropes and tied her arms brutally tight behind her back and then gagged her with an ace bandage pulled tightly between her lips. He left her there to go check to make sure that there was no one around. But he underestimated her state of indisposed and Lola started to come to before he returned. She moaned into her gag and tried to move. But her arms were bound tight and useless behind her back. She realized that she was in trouble and the cold dose of reality revived her. She struggled to her feet and looked around. She had no idea where she was or how to get out. But she knew sticking around here was not an option. She ran down the corridor looking for and exit or some help. She noticed a large black steel door at the end of one corridor marked exit. She ran down the hall but when she got to the door she found it was locked and she was in a end. She turned on her heels and ran back down the corridor. She turned down another hall and hoped for the best. She rounded a corner and came on another heavy steel door. This one wasn't locked and she struggled to open it with her bound hands. It took some effort but finally the door slide open. But her luck ran out because on the other side of the door was her k'napper returning to get her. He was just as surprised to see her as she was him. But her was able to catch her and toss her over his shoulder. Lola screamed and cried into her gag but the gag effectively muffled her screams. He carried her to an old freight elevator and put her down forcing her against the wall. He then took the elevator up to an upper floor. He dragged her out of the elevator and into an old warehouse. Inside he had sent up an old bed and pushed her down onto the bed. To her shock and horror he then removed her gown leaving her in just her panties and heels. He then hogtied her crossing her ankles forcing her knees wide apart. Then to make sure she was completely quiet he pulled out a roll of black electrical tape and wrapped it around her ace bandage gag pushing her gag in deeper. He left her bound, hogtied and helpless.

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