Bound cocksucking training for the flirty party girl

~Lexi Lane~

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Pretty neighbor girl Lexi attended one of the Hunter's parties and get a little too flirty and glib. The Hunter noticed how much of a cock teaser she was and decided to teach the pretty taunt a lesson. Lexi sits on the floor tightly bound in ropes, her legs are folded under her with her ankles tied to her tights in a tight frog tie. Her elbows are bound in ropes, crushed tightly together and her wrists are tied. She is still wearing her sparkly party dress and stiletto heels. A torn sheet is pulled between her lips and tied behind her head. Lexi struggles in the ropes twisting her flexilble arms around her body and tries to pick at the knots holding her legs with her nibble fingers. But she doesn't get far with the knots before the Hunter returns with some handcuffs. He pulls her dress open to reveal her big tits then wraps the jaws of the handuffs around the base of her breast and clamps them down tight. The tight steel slices deep into the soft flesh around the base of her boobs, causing them to swell and mushroom out. The then adds a second set of handcuffs to her already bound, swollen tits causing them to swell and bulge even more. He has her crawl over to a glass top coffee table and then attaches a huge rubber cock dildo on the top of the table. He tells her that if she wants her breast freed of the cuffs she had better do a good job on the cock. He removes her gag and tells her to start. Lexi looks down at her bound, swollen, throbbing tits, then over at the cock. She really wants to please the Hunter to get her tits out of the cuffs so she opens her mouth and swollows the big rubber dildo down the the base. Lexi continues to suck and lick the cock getting turned on in the process. She wishes it were the real thing throbbing down her throat. Her panties begin to get wet as she sucks and the Hunter orders her to spread her knees. Lexi's jaws being to ache and she slows down to take a break but the Hunter isn't going to allow that. He grabs her wrists and pulls her arms up high behind her back forcing her head down over the cock so it slams deep in her throat. Lexi coughs and snots as her eyes tear up trying to breathe. He finally releases her hands and tells her no more breaks to her tits withh remain cuffed all day. Lexi realizes she has no choice so begins to greedily suck and swollow the big rubber cock again.

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