Defiant wench painfully ziptied to a steel pole

~Fayth on Fire~

bondage, damsel in distress, shiny, high heels, satin dress, zipties, ziptied elbows, crushed elbows, struggling, gagged girl, ballgagged, pole tied, BDSM


Defiant Fayth struggles in the lair with her hands ziptied and bound behind a steel pole. A big red ball gag is also ziptied between her teeth as she screams muffled profanity demanding to be freed. The Hunter comes in with more zipties and Fayth defiantly curses at him. He ignores her cursing and demands to be freed as he zipties her ankles tightly together and binds them to the base of the steel pole. He then moves up to her elbows and wraps another ziptie around her biceps. Fayth screams, grunts and curses through her gag as her elbows are slammed behind her back as the zipties sliced deep into her flesh. She can feel her elbows kiss behind the pole as the ziptie cuts into her arms. More zipties are then wrapped around her chests, shoulders and arms. Then another ziptie is wrapped around her belly and forearms and pulled tight, the Hunter cinches the belly ziptie between her arms and the pole pulling it brutally tight and fusing her forearms helplessly to the pole. Fayth can barely move except for her knees which the Hunter remedies next with another zipties wrapped and cinched around her knee and the pole. Fayth is now totally immobilized and fused to the steel pole, her poor arms are wrapped up like sausages welded together behind the pole. She manages to mummble a little more profanity toward the Hunter before he leaves her alone to suffer.

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