Red head debutante bound in leather and carried away

~Maggie Mead~

bondage, damsel in distress, red head, gloves, satin, velvet, high heels, on screen gagging, double gagged, upskirt, tied elbows, leather bindings, struggling, hopping, bound in car trunk, stripped, leather crotch tie, camel toe, bound tits, nipple clamps, BDSM


Curvy redhead debutante, Maggie is getting dressed in her skin tight velvet dress with elbow length gloves, heels and hose. She is unaware of the danger that awaits her outside her bedroom door. As she steps from her bedroom she is suddenly grabbed from behind by the hooded Hunter. She suddenly feels a jolt of electricity shoot through her body stunning her, he knees buckle and she falls to the floor. Maggie can move as her body curls up in a fetal position but the Hunter gives her no time to recover from the shock and drags her limp body over to the sofa and sits behind her pinning her arms behind her back with her legs. He forces her mouth open and stuffs a huge red shop rag into her mouth. He packs her cheeks full as Maggie's jaws are spread painfully wide to accommidate the huge shop rag. She begins to regain some of her strength but his legs hold her tight as he pulls some black elastic wrap between her lips and begins to wrap it around and around her head pushing the red rag deeper into her mouth. He then pulls out some black electrial tape and wraps it tightly over the elastic wrap gag, which stretches her already stressed jaws even further open. He then pulls her elbows together until she feels them slam up against each other and wraps thin leather cords around her elbows. The leather cuts deep into the soft flesh above her elbows, her thin satin elbow length gloves offer her scant protection from the brutal biting leather cords. He then pushes her down onto her belly and pulls her ankles together. Maggie feels the thin leather cut deep into her ankles with only her sheer nylon stockings between her flesh and the leather. Once her ankles are securely tied he pulls her wrists together, Maggie cries in pain as the leather is pulls tight around her wrists cutting deep to her bones. The Hunter stands over his helpless captive as she rolls around on the carpet, he tells her that he is going to get her ride ready and will return soon. Maggie watches him leave and then frantically struggles on the floor pulling at the leather bindings around her wrists, ankles and elbows in a desperate attempt to free herself before the Hunter returns. But as much as she pulls, rolls and squirms the tight leather hold firm and she is just as helpless when her returns as she was when he left. He pulls her to her feet and then orders her to hop on her bound feet in her stiletto heels. Maggie tries to hop but she is still recovering from the electric shock and her legs are like rubber. So the Hunter throws her up onto his shoulder and carries her out of the room. Maggie sobs and cries as she is carried away like a sack of potatos into the garage where he has a car parked with the trunk open. He drops her into the trunk and tells her to make herself comfortable. He laughs at her as she begs and cries into her gag, then he pulls out more leather cords and attaches one end to the leather between her heels. He bend her legs so her feet are pulls up to her bound hands and hogties her in the trunk. He slams the lid and she is cast into darkness, Maggie hears the car engine start and the garage door open, the car starts moving with her helplessly bound and gagged in the trunk. She can hear street noise of people going about their daily business, oblivious to her plight just out of sight. The tight gag is highly effective because as much as she tries to scream and cry for help the gag muffles and stifles her sounds so that even the Hunter driving in the front seat can barely hear her. Maggie cries herself to rest dispite the brutally tight bindings cutting deep into her flesh. She awakes later to the sound of the car door chime and the sound of a heavy steel garage door closing. She moans and groans pitifully into her gag in the hot stuffy trunk. She hears the trunk pop open and the rush of fresh air and blinks up into the light. The Hunter stands over her and unties her hogtie. Leaving her wrists, ankles and elbows still brutally bound he pulls her from the trunk. Maggie looks around the sparce warehouse as he forces her to hop on her bound stiletto heels into the next room. He hops her over to a chain hanging down from and overhead pulley and attaches the chain to her bound elbows and then cranks the winch on the wall hoisting her elbows up behind her back. Maggie is now standing in her stiletto heels unsupported by anything but her bound elbows. She struggles to maintain her balance on her bound ankles in fear of falling and having her shoulders jerks out of their sockets. He then unsnaps the snap at the back of her neck allowing her expensive velvet halter dress to drop down exposing her tits. He then unzips the back of the dress and strips her of the dress. Maggie stands naked except for her gloves, panties, stockings and heels. The Hunter ties another thin leather cord around her waist and then pulls it down between her legs. Maggie cries in pain as the thin leather is pulled deep into her crotch forcing the thin satin and lace panties up into her cunt and ass. The leather is then feed between her bound wrists and then back down between her legs and ties off at her belly. He goes back to the wall and cranks the winch again lifting her elbows higher behind her back. But this time her wrists are tethered to the leather violating her pussy and ass and as her elbows are raised the leather between her legs is pulled tighter and deeper into her pussy and ass. Maggie feels that the thin leather is going to split her in two when her finally stops cranking the winch. He leaves her alone standing on her bound heels supported by her bound elbows and crotch. When her returns he has a set of handcuffs and wraps the cuffs around her tits. But with her shoulders pulled sharply back the flesh around her tits is pulled too taut for the cuffs to get a good bite so her leaves and returns with a different set of cuffs. This time the cuffs are locked down like a tourniquet around her tits. Maggie sobs and cries into her gag as the Hunter pulls out a set if evil looking clamps. She screams in pain into her gag as the clamps are attached to her swollen nipples. She watches in horror as he attaches a bungee cord to the chain between her nipple clamps. He pulls the bungee down to her ankles stretching and pulling her poor nipples. But as her nipples are stretched the flesh around her tits is pulled taut and that causes the cuffs around the base of her tits to slip off. He removes the cuffs and and turns her around facing the winch. The bungee cord attached to her nipple clamps is then stretched up to the chain pulling and stretching her poor nipples. The clamps crush down hard on her poor swollen nipples as then are stretched and pulled up to the chain. He leaves poor Maggie bound and clamped struggling to keep her balance on her stiletto heels. She moans and cries into her gag not knowing what he has planned for her next.

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