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~Adara Jordin~

bondage, damsel in distress, shiny, over the knee boots, vinyl miniskirt, big tits, rope, tied elbows, struggling, gagged, tape gagged, on screen gagging, hogtied, BDSM


Busty blonde Adara sits on the sofa brutally bound with ropes wondering what is going to happen to her next. Her arms are welded completely together behind her back with a massive amount of rope wrapped and woven around her arms from her crushed elbows to her slender wrists. Her booted legs are also massively bound with ropes woven down her legs from her upper thighs to her ankles. She struggles to her feet and tries to hop toward the door to escape, but the Hunter catches her before she can hop very far. He grabs her and drags her back to the sofa and sits her on his lap and pulls out a pair of red lacy panties from his pocket. Adara clamps her mouth shut as he attempts to stuff the large pair of panties in her mouth. Adara loses the battle of wills as he forces her mouth open and packs the panties deep in her mouth. A torn sheet is them pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to hold the panties in her mouth. He moves her to the floor as Adara tries to crawl away but she doesn't get far before he pulls her back and produces a roll of shiny white tape. He then wraps the tape over her already panty and cleave gagged mouth to seal it shut and to prevent her from working the panties out past the torn sheet. He rolls her over onto her side and grabs more ropes. The ropes are wrapped around her shoulders, cheast and arms pinning her arms to her back. Adara struggles on the floor pulling at the ropes and begging through her gag as she tries to crawl away again. So the Hunter grabs more rope and ties it around her booted feet then run the rope from her feet to the ropes around her crushed elbows. Adara grunts and groans as her legs are pulled up into a strict hogtie. Once she is helplessly and strictly hogtied he pulls her up by the shoulders onto her knee points. Adara screams, begs and cries in terror as he balances her on her knee points. Adara start to fall forward onto her face but the Hunter catches her and pulls her back up to her knee points to continue to taunt and tease the terrified blonde. He finally lowers her to the floor and leaves her struggles helplessly on the floor. Adara can barely move as she tries to roll over onto her belly. After some efforts she finally manages to roll onto her belly but the ropes are so brutally tight she can't even crawl away. She can only sob and cry through her gag hopeing that he will free her from the brutally tight ropes sooner then later. 

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