Strung up in the air for a brutal ass beating

~Fayth on Fire~

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Fayth pulls down hard at the leather cuffs locked around her wrists that are attached to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Her wrists are pulled up high above her head and a big red ball gag is jammed between her teeth. Fayth twists, turns and pulls desperately at her leather restraints but it is hopeless she can't escape. The Hunter comes in and padlocks the leather cuffs locked around her ankles together and attaches her ankle cuffs to a ring mounted on the floor. He then goes over to the winch and presses the button on the remote lifting her onto her tiptoes with her stiletto heels off the floor. He then pulls out some paddles and shows them to her one by one. Fayth begs and pleads through her gag as when she sees the paddles but when he pulls out the hated wooden paddles she screams in horror. He then presses the button on the remote again and lift her up into the air so her feet are off the floor. But with her ankles tethered to the ring on the floor she can't kick or struggle much with her body stretched tight between her ankles and wrists. He then begins to warm her up by beating her ass with the small black leather paddle. Fayth screams and cries out through her gag as her ass is beat. He finishes the warm up and switches over to the broad leather paddle with holes and beats her ass until she is begging for mercy. Then he shows her the hated wooden paddle and taunts and teases her with ass with light taps and whiffs. Fayth doesn't know when he will actually land the first blow with the paddles as she screams and flitches in antisipation. When the first blow strikes her ass she screams and howls in pain. The Hunter then begins to paddle her wriggling ass with the wooden paddles. When he finally stops Fayth tries to catch her breath thinking it is over but then she feels her pulls her shiny skin tight jeans down to exposes her purple and red ass cheeks. The Hunter then begins to bet her naked ass. The Hunter stops again and lower her feet to the floor. Poor Fayth thinks her punishment is over by then her attaches a set of steel nipple clamps to her tits crushing her nipples in their jaws. Fayth looks down to she her nipples crushed in the tight jaws of the clamps. The Hunter then begins to spank her ass again with the leather paddles. Fayth buck and kicks as her raw naked purple ass is paddled. The Hunter ties a rope to the chain between her nipple clamps and then ties her nipples to the far wall. Now if Fayth bucks or kicks she will twist and pull her poor crushed nipples. The Hunter grabs the wooden paddle again and taunts and teases her before giving her a few goos whacks. When he is finished he hangs the paddle on the rope attached to her nipple clamps and leaves poor Fayth still restrained and helpless as she ass burns and throbs in pain and her poor nipples still crushed in the jaws of the clamps. 

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