Macabre babysitter's bound predicament

~Jewel Marceau~

bondage, damsel in distress, babysitter, MILF, high heels, fishnet stockings, big tits, upskirt, rope, tied elbows, struggling, gagged, hogtied, BDSM


Jewel sat on the sofa bored and annoyed, her bother was called to work a double shift down at the mortuary and she was the only one available that would watch over his demon spawn. She can here the little imps back in the bedroom probably plotting some devilish mischief like she and her bother used to do when they were young. It was getting close to their bedtime anyway then she would at least have some peace and quiet. She took a long sip of her tea before going back to face the challenge of getting the brats to bed. Jewel looks down at her tea, it tasted different but something familar then she realized where she had tasted it before. It was one of her own napping potions, somehow the little demons had slipped it into her tea. Jewel tries to stand but feels lightheaded and faint and immediately sinks back into the sofa. Delirious she tries to fight off the effects but soon is fast resting. Jewel wakes up later still on the sofa, it takes a few moments to come to her senses and realizes that ropes cut deep into the soft flesh around her elbows and her slender ankles are crossed and tightly bound with ropes. She struggles in the bondage testing the limits of the ropes, her hands are free but flail around uselessly behind her back. Jewel pulls hard at the ropes but they hold her tight, they were just like their step-father. Jewel remembers well that her bother used to tie her up all the time and he seems to have taught his spawn how to render a girl helpless. She rolls around on the sofa calling back to demand that they come untie her immediately. But they ignore her protests and demands. Jewel finds herself strangely turned on my the tight ropes that restrict her movements. Her hands flail around uselessly behind her back she kind of likes the feeling of her elbows welded together and the way it thrusts out her already voluminous tits. But they had there fun and it was time for bed, Jewel calls back demanding that they free her and go to bed now. But instead of coming to free her the little imps wave a pair of their step-mother's panties in front of her face. Sbe can smell the rank pussy coming from the satin material as they hover in front of her face. The least they could of done was get a clean pair. Jewel then find herself tightly gagged with the foul panties and duct tape pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head, sealing the rank panties deep in her mouth. They had added more rope, tying her wrists tightly together and hogtying her with a rope from her now bound wrists to her crossed and tightly bound ankles. Jewel has been left hogtied on the floor tasting the foul panties of her witch step-sister-in-law on her tongue. She rolls around helplessly pulling at the rope in a futile attempt a escape. She screams in frustration into the gag tugging and pulling at the ropes. She tries to push the foul panties out of her mouth past the tape. She had learn from experience that her jaw was flexible and she could usually dislodge any gag. And the little brats weren't that experienced. She works her jaws and face and manages to flex the tape and push the panties out past the tape. She then works the tape down her chin and spits out the foul gag. She proclaim victory, but is a at the same time disappointed that it was so easy. Jewel once again tells them that they need to free her now and get to bed. She also tells them that she is very disappointed in their gagging skills, she expected more from family.

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