His helpless prey hangs by her heels in the old workshop

~Autumn Bodell~

bondage, damsel in distress, boots, upskirt, rope, suspension, upside-down, tied elbows, struggling, gagged, tape gagged, on screen gagging, topless, crotch rope, hair tied, BDSM


Pretty Autumn opens her eyes to a world turned upside-down. Confused she calls out for help, she has no idea how she ended up here. She looks around the old workshop and realizes that she is hanging upside-down hanging by her bound booted ankles from a rope running up through a pulley. Her wrists are tightly tied behind her back. She twists and turns to follow the rope over to another pulley then down to a winch mounted on a post. Then the creepy Hunter walks in, Autumn begs and pleads with him to let her go. But he has different plans, he grabs her head and pulls it up then stuffs an old rag into her mouth. He grabs a roll of tape and pulling the tape between her teeth he wraps it tightly around her head pushing the rag deep into her mouth. He leaves her struggling desperately hanging by her booted ankles to get more rope. He returns and wraps the rope around her upper arms then slams her elbows tightly together and cinches the ropes. He pulls her top down to reveal her perky tits and leaves again as she struggles hanging like a worm on a hook. The Hunter comes back with more rope and ties it around her tiny waist then pulls the rope up between her legs and buries the rope deep into her panties, splitting her pussy in two. The end of the the rope is feed between her bound wrists then run back up between her legs and tied off at her belly. Autumn's hands are now pinned to her ass then more rope is woven into her long hair and her head is pulled back and up to her bound elbows. He attaches her hair to her elbows then winds the remaining rope up her forearms fusing her arms completely together behind her back. He leaves poor Autumn hanging helplessly staring down at the floor barely able to move as she swings by her ankles in the cruel bondage.

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