Hard working wife bound to pay off his gambling debts

~Terra Mizu~

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Leggy wife Terra arrives home from the office tired and hungry, but of course she finds her no good unemployed husband sitting on his ass playing on his phone. Terra has had enough of her lazy, degenerate gambling loser of a husband. He was supposed to be dress to take her out on a very important business function tonight and he is still sitting around in his shorts placing bets on his phone all day. Terra loses her temper and begins to be rate and curse at him but he doesn't even look up at her and ignores her temper tanturm. Finally Terra has had enough and tells him that she wants him out of her house and that she is filing for divorce. Terra turns on her heels to leave but as she reaches for the door he grabs her and places a foul smelling rag over her nose and mouth. Terra's nose burns with the foul smelling chemical that he has soak the rag with. She tries to fight him off but the fumes overwhelm her and she get dizzy and lightheaded. He drags her weakened body over to the soft and tells her that he has finally come up with a plan to pay off all his debts and get rid of his annoying nagging wife at the same time. Terra's body goes limp as the chemicals take full effect she tries to fight off the drowziness but the room goes black. 


Terra moans as she begins to recover form the chemical and tries to move, but her body doesn't want to cooperate. Then she regains her senses and can feel the tight ropes slicing deep into her flesh. She can feel the ropes bite deep into her biceps, crushing her elbows tightly together behind her back and more ropes cutting deep into her wrists, fusing her arms behind her back. She looks down at her long legs to see more ropes wrapped and cinched around her ankles and knees. Terra calls for her husband to come back in her and untie her now. She can hear him talking on the phone in the other room but he doesn't heed her calls for help. Terra get frustrated and angry, she begins to crawl across the floor toward the door to try to call for help outside. But she doesn't get far before her husband returns and stops her from crawling. She demands that he untie her immediately. But he tells her that he has other plans, he pulls an old torn sheet out of his pocket and pulls it between her lips and wraps it around her head to gag her. He then informs her that his bookie has the hots for her so he traded her to him to pay off all his debt but a trip to Vegas. Terra looks at him in rage and screams into her gag but he turn her over and tightly hogties her on the floor. He grabs his phone and lets her listen as he tells his bookie to come get his wife, she is all tied up and ready to go and that he will leave to door unlocked. He then tells poor Terra goodbye and leaves her alone hogtied and helpless on the floor to await her fate.

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