UltraGirl of Two Worlds

~Ayla Aysel & Whitney Morgan~

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Ayla Kelly, the UltraGirl of Earth-AA, is tracking down The Hunter to make him pay for his crimes.  Meanwhile, Whitney Kelly, the UltraGirl of Earth-MWM, is also chasing down The Hunter with the same goal.

Unbeknownst to both of them, both UltraGirls have been transported to the universe of The Hunter's Lair where a trap awaits ...

Ayla arrives first and is ambushed and a chemical soaked rag is clamped over her nose and mouth. The Hunter examines his prey before removing the source of her powers: her power belt! The subdued heroine is carried off over the shoulder of The Hunter for safekeeping.

Whitney arrives soon after.  With her ultrastrength, Whitney enters The Lair looking for The Hunter. She too is ambushed and rendered senseless then deprived of her power belt.  The Hunter slings the helpless heroine over his shoulder and carries her to join her doppleganger.

Both UltraGirls are lying helpless still suffering the effects of the chemical soaked rags. They are bound by their wrists and ankles.  Ayla revieves first and squirms over to Whitney to wake her up.  Once both UltraGirls compare notes and realize that they are both powerless without their power belts, they squirm back-to-back to try and get themselves free.  It is to no avail as The Hunter returns to taunt the heroines.

The Hunter reveals that he is working for another villain that calls himself The Purge.  "I got two power belts for the price of one.  And two UltraGirls from two different universes to play with," he says.  Whitney realizes out loud, "That's it! You're an UltraGirl from a different Earth!"

Ayla protests with The Hunter saying, ""You just wait.  When we get out of here, we'll bring you and whoever The Purge is to justice!"  After that defiance, The Hunter produces the chemical soaked rags again and clamps them over both UltraGirls nose and mouth. They struggle to fight off the effects of the chemical but soon lose their fight and slump on top of each other senseless.

The peril increases as both UltraGirls awaken to their own individual bound predicament.  Ayla is stretched out on a rack while Whitney is suspended by her ankles.  Both heroines are gagged with vibrators tied between their legs.

As they struggle, The Hunter continues to taunt, "If it were up to me, I'd give you your power belts back and hunt you myself and make it more sporting! But with the amount of money The Purge paid me, we'll do it his way."

The Hunter leaves the two UltraGirls to struggle as the vibrators go to work on both heroines.


Will the UltraGirls escape?  What plans does The Purge have with their power belts?  Will the UltraGirls be around for the crisis that is coming? 

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