Brutally gagged and cruelly taped up tits

~Ashley Renee~

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Beautiful Ashley Renee sits on the edge of her bed, her arms are cruelly bound behind her back with ropes as the Hunter walks in. He stuffs a huge black ball into her mouth then wraps an ace bandage around her head over the ball pushing in deeper into her mouth. Ashley struggles helplessly as he then adds layers of black electrical tape of the gag completely silencing her protests. He then pulls her magnificent tits out of her blouse and bra and grabs some black electrical tape. He wraps the black tape around her base of her huge tits str*ngling them and causing them to bulge. But he isn't finished soon her tits are not only brutally wrapped up in tape they are taped tightly together. He then ties a rope around her throat and pushes her down onto the mattress and ties the end of the rope to the bars at the foot of the bed. He leaves her there for the night cruelly bound and helplessly tethered to the foot of the bed by her neck. 

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