Pretty redhead bound for a cruel crotch rope, nipple clamps paint can challenge

~Kitty Quinn~

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Pretty redhead Kitty struggles with her hands tied behind a steel pole behind her back. Her moans and cries for help are muffled by the rag packed deep in her mouth and the layers of shiny black tape that seal her mouth shut. Kitty twists, turns and pulls desperately at the ropes but there is no escape. The Hunter comes in with a spreader bar and ties her ankles to the bar with her long slender legs spread wide apart. Then another rope is tied around her tiny waist and pulled down between her legs. The Hunter lifts her skirt and runs the crotch rope between her legs, burying it deep in her lacy red panties. He grabs another rope and ties it around her throat and ties her head to the pole. A chain is pulled down from an overhead pulley, one end of the chain is tied to her crotch rope then he attaches a gallon of paint to the other end of the chain. He taunts and teases poor Kitty as she begs and pleads through her gag for him not to drop the paint can. The Hunter then drops the paint can, the heavy gallon of paint reaches the end of the chain before hitting the floor jerking the crotch rope tight, forcing it deep into her pussy. He leaves the paint can swinging at the end of the chain as poor Kitty struggles  deperately at the pole trying to arch her back to get the can to the floor. But there isn't enough slack and the can of paint continues to swing. Then to her horror the Hunter comes back with another gallon of paint. He pulls up a stool and places the paint can attached to her crotch rope on the stool. He then attaches the second can of paint to the end of the chain and balances the cans on the edge of the stool. Kitty sobs and cries begging him to stop but he laughs and pushes the cans off the stool. She screams into her gag as the paint cans reach the end of the chain forcing the crotch rope to slice deep into her pussy. As the paint cans swing he pulls her blouse open and attaches a set of nipple clamps to her small tits. Another chain is attached to the nipple clamps then the other end of the chain is attached to the swinging paint can. He pushes the paint cans again causing them swing wide. Each time the paint can swing out then jerk and stretch her poor crushed nipples. Then the paint can swing back toward her before swinging back again each time pulling and stretching her throbbing nipples. 

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