Bound to a steel pole with tight zipties for forced orgasms

~Ayla Aysel~

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Pretty neighbor girl Ayla struggles in the lair with her wrists ziptied behind a steel pole and a big red ball gag jammed between her teeth. She is wearing skin tight shiny gold jeans, over the knee boots and leather gloves that reach up to her shoulders. The tight ziptie sliced deep into wrists, the thin leather gloves offer only scant protection from the biting nylon cable tie. Ayla twists, turns and pulls are her wrists in a desperate attempt to free herself, but there is no escape and no way to free herself from the tight ziptie without a sharp object to cut through the hard nylon. She squats down but gets stuck with no leverage to get back to her feet. The Hunter comes in with more zipties and orders her to stand up, but Ayla can't get up so he whips her ass with a bundle of zipties to motivate her. Finally he has to assist her to getting to her feet. He then wraps more zipties around her ribs, arms and the pole, fusing her back to the pole. Her booted ankles and knees are next ziptied to the pole as well. Ayla can now barely move much more then her head but the Hunter takes care of that as well with a ziptie wrapped around her throat and the pole, pinning her head to the steel pole. He then unzips the fly on her tight jeans and inserts a wand vibrator through the fly hole. The head of the vibrator is pressing up tight against her pussy, held in place by the tight jeans. He turns on the vibator and leaves Ayla only helplessly immobilized to the steel pole as the vibrator vibes and stimulates her pussy into multiple orgasms. 

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