Precarious flamingo perch on his damned paint cans

87 photos; 8:24 video

Whitney Morgan

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, upskirt, tied up, rope, gagged girl, ball gag, struggling, drooling, tied elbows, crotch rope, flamingo tied, peril, BDSM

Sexy blond Whitney struggles in the lair with her elbows crushed and tied behind her back, tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. A big red ball gag has been jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. Whitney pulls, twists and turns at the end of the chain trying to figure a way out of the ropes. But her struggles are futile as the Hunter returns. He places a couple gallon paint cans on the floor by her feet then ties a rope around her slender waist. The rope is pulled down between her legs and buried deep in her panties, cleaving her pussy in two. The crotch rope is then pulled up the crack of her ass and feed between her bound wrists. Whitiney grunts in protest as he pulls the crotch rope bow string tight, pinning her hands to her ass, then runs the rope back down between her legs and ties it off at her belly. Whitney watches as her goes across the room and begins to crank the winch on the wall. She can feel her elbows being pulled up behind her back and with her hands attached to the crotch rope as her elbows are cranked up the crotch rope is pulled tighter and tighter. Whiitney is in real distress as the crotch rope slices deeper and deeper into her pussy. She looks down at the paint can and realizes that the only way to keep the crotch rope from splitting her in two is for her to stand on top of the paint cans. She pushes the paint cans with her shoes to center then under her body then climbs up on the cans. The tops of the paint cans are too small for her whole foot so she has to balance on the ball of her footk with her stiletto heel hanging over the back of the can. She wobbles on the paint cans as the Hunter continues to crank the winch until the crotch rope is extremely tight. He finally stop cranking and watches in amusment as Whitney struggles to find her center of balance. Just as she finally settles in and stablizes herself he comes over to taunt and tease her. Whitney begs and cries through her gag but the Hunter isn't finished with her evil predicament yet. To Whitney's horror he pulls one of the paint can out from under her shoe, Whintney now has to try to fit both of her feet on one small paint can and still keep her balance. He continues to taunt and tease her as she begs and cries through her gag for help. He walks away leaving her to struggle in peril to keep her balance atop the paint can. But the bastard isn't finished with her predicament yet as he returns with more rope. Then to Whitney's horror he ties the rope to her ankles then pulls her foot up high behind her and frogties her foot off the floor to her ass. Whitney's eyes go wild in terror as she is left balancing on one foot on the tiny top of the paint can.

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