Brutally bound & suffering in an evil squat strappado

94 photos; 8:56 video

Bailey Paige

bondage, Damsel in Distress, shiny, high heels, tied up, rope, gagged girl, ball gag, struggling, drooling, tied elbows, crushed elbows, balltied, strappado, squat strappado, BDSM


Petite Bailey hangs by her boond wrists in a strappado in the lair. A big red ball gag that spreads her jaws wide apart is jammed between her teeth. Bailey strugglings in the ropes, pulling at the chain that holds her bound wrists up high behind her back. But there is no escape and the Hunter comes back to tell her that she doesn't have near enough rope on her body. He ties her knees and ankles tightly together as Bailey begs and pleads through her gag, drool flows past her ballgag and down her chin forming pools on her skin tight vinyl skirt. Once her legs are fused together with rope he frees her wrists from the chain and allows her to sit on a tall stool. The Hunter wraps ropes around her upper arms and Bailey cries in pain as he slams her elbows tightly together and binds them with the rope. A long rope is then tied between her knees and run up over her shoulders and feed between her crushed elbows. He pulls poor Bailey in a tight little ball and as she struggles to keep from falling off the stool he cinches the ropes super tight tying her chest to her knees. Bailey sobs and wails through her gag in terror of loosing her balance and falling off the stool so the Hunter attaches her wrists to the chain again. Bailey shoulders scream in pain as her wrists are pulled up high behind her back with her elbows fused together. Then to her horror he pulls the stool out from under her ass. Bailey screams, cries and wails in agony as she struggles to maintain her balance in her stiletto heels as she desperately tries to keep her legs straight and her ass up to keep from pulling and twisting her shoulders any more. She doesn't know how long her legs will hold out, they are already quivering and shaking from the strain. The Hunter walks away leaving her to struggle and suffer in the evil squat strappado.

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