Left helplessly bound, gagged & hogtied she struggles without hope of escape

73 photos; 8:00 video

Carmen Valentina

bondage, Damsel in Distress, big ass, high heels, shiny, upskirt, hogtied, gagged girl, tape gag, struggling, tied up, BDSM


Curvy Carmen awakens on the sofa tightly bound, gagged and hogtied. With her hands tied behind her back she can feel the tight ropes biting deep into her wrists, ankles and knees. Her legs are bend and a rope tethers her ankles to her wrists in a cruel hogtie. She screams for help but her pitiful screams are muffled by a pair of panties stuffed deep in her mouth and the tight layers of shiny black tape sealing her mouth shut. Carmen doesn't know how long she has been out or who left her tightly bound and gagged but she has no desire to stick around to find out. She needs to find help and just laying on the sofa helplessly bound and gagged isn't an option. She rolls her knees off the sofa and pulls at the hogtied rope, with her ass wriggling in the air she stuggles deperately to pull her ankles free from her wrists. But it is hopeless the knots are too well tied. She rolls off the sofa and onto her hip and looks around for an escape. She sees a door on the other side of the room and thinks if she can only get to the door she maybe able to summon help with her muffled screams. She rolls onto the floor and tries to squirm to the door but quickly realizes that crawling on the floor in a tight hogtied isn't that easy. But she must try, she rolls around and squirms on the floor but doesn't make much progress, the door seems to be miles away. She begins to lose hope after some long minutes of hard struggling, she sob and cries into her gag in frustration and despair thinking she will never escape these damned ropes.

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