Busty Christina Carter stretched out & roasted to prefection

146 photos; 30:58 video

Christina Carter

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Busty Christina awakens laying on her back on a foil lined table feeling intense heat on her naked flesh. She moans and opens her eyes and sees a row of red hot infared heat lamps hanging over her strectched out body. She hears the sound of a ratchet clicking as her arms are slowly pulled and stretched up over her head. She realizes that she is bound in leather cuffs and is being slowly stretched out on a rack. She begs and cries, through her gag, to the unseen figure cranking the winch as her limps are slowly pulled and stretched taut. They finally stop cranking the winch and Christina pulls at her restraints, but there is not much give, she can barely move. The intense heat is already making her sweat and she can feel her flesh being singed. Christina realizes that she is being slowly roasted alive, she pulls desperately at her restraints but there is no give, she can barely move. She moans and cries through her gag looking up at the hot lamps trying to will them to stop, but there is way for her to turn off the intense heat. Time passes slowly as her body dehydrates and she can feel herself getting weaker and weaker with each passing minute. She doesn't know how much longer she can last and with the last bit of strength she has left in her body she makes one last fight for her life, pulling, twisting and turning in her retraints in a futile hope of slipping her hands free or breaking the chains. But all hope is lost she has no fight left in her weakened body. They a brute comes into the room wearing a leather mask to check on her. He sharpens his blade on sharpening steel before inserting a tempature probe into her pussy to check her core tempature. He runs the tip of the cold steel blade up her side and across her throat. Christina begs him through her gag to please end her suffering but he tells her that her terror makes her flesh more tender and tasty. He leaves her alone to suffer under the intense heat, she knows the end is near and there is no escape.

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