Busty secretary strung up & chickenwinged

111 photos; 9:03 video

Terra Mizu

bondage, Damsel in Distress, shiny, high heels, pencil skirt, tied up, gagged girl, ball gag, tied elbows, crushed elbows, spreader bar, struggling, BDSM


Busty secreatary Terra struggles in the lair tethered by her neck to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. A big red ballgag is jammed between her teeth and with her elbows crushed together behind her back she has no way of freeing her neck from the chain. Her hands flail beind her back as she ties to reach for anything to help her escape the chain but there is nothing within reach. The Hunter comes in and sorts through a pile of rope as Terra begs, bitches and complains about the tight ropes. She reaches across the floor and manages to drag a chair over to her then thinks that maybe if she climbs on the chair she can loosen the ropes around her throat. She climbs onto the chair on her knees and immediatly regrets her discision as the rope around her throat tightens. The Hunter ignores her muffled protests and peril as he ties her wrists tightly together behind her back. Once her wrists are tightly bound he assists her off the chair and back on her stiletto heels. He grabs a spreader bar and ties on end of the bar to her left ankle then spreading her legs apart he ties her other ankle to the other end of the bar. By spreading her legs the rope around Terra throat tightens leaving her barely able to move and now has to concentrate on keeping her balance on her spread stiletto heels. The Hunter grabs more rope and comes back to Terra, poor Terra thinks she doesn't need any more rope but the Hunter has different thoughts. The rope is looped over her shoulders then run down her spine to her bound hands. He pulls the rope betwwen her bound wrists then jerks her hands up high behind her back forcing her crushed elbows to jut out in a severe chickenwing. The ropes are looped around her chest over her big tits then he cinches her hands to the small of her back. He leaves poor Terra tettering in her stiletto heels with her arms coompletely useless behind her back trying not to pull the rope around her throat any tighter.

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