Sexy red spy captured, bound, gagged and struggling

85 photos; 10:56 video

Staring Whitney Morgan

bondage, Damsel in Distress, shiny vinyl, over the knee boots, upskirt, pantyhose, hands over head, tied up, self bondage, gagged girl, panel gag, self gagging, tied elbows, crushed elbows, hogtied struggling, escape attempt, BDSM


Sexy spy Whitney sneaks into the house hot on the trial of the Hunter who she suspects in the disappearance of the missing girls. Whitney tip-toes around the house peeking around corners and checking closets for any clue or sign of the Hunter or the missing girls. But her luck run out when she opens the wrong door and stares down the barrel of a .45 Ruger, she gasps and instictively puts her hands up in surrender. He steps for the closet keeping her covered and orders her to put her hands behind her head and marches her into the living room and order her to sit on the sofa. He tosses Whitney a pile of rope and orders her to tie her booted legs together. Whitney knows she has no choice, if she doesn't tie her own legs then he will, and she knows he will tie her extra tight. So she wraps the rope around her ankles and cinches them together then she ties her own knees. He orders her to get on her knees and with her back to him, with her hands behind her head. The Hunter then dangles a shiny leather panel gag in her face and orders her to stuff the ball in her mouth. Whitney complies gagging herself with the big red ball. Then the Hunter demands that she strap the gag around her head tight. Whitney reaches up behind her head and strap the panel gag tight over her mouth. Once she is gagged he pulled her hands behind her back and slammed her elbows tightly together behind her back then tied her wrists tightly together. More rope wraps around shoulders, upper arms and chest the her booted ankles are pulled up to her ass and attached the the chest harness ropes. The Hunter left Whitney bound, gagged, hogtied and helplessly struggling on the floor. He told her he will return later once he arranges transport for her. Whitney has no intention of waiting for his return and struggles desperately on the floor trying to free herself from the ropes. She twists, turns and rolls around on the floor trying to get some slack in the ropes. But her struggles are futile and she wills herself to remain calm and think. She then tries to feel around for any knots with her nibble fingers. Whitney surprised when she finds a knot within her grasp, she works at the knot with her fingers and after a bit of struggling she manages to free herself from the hogtie rope and straightens her legs. Now she has to get her legs free and works her way up onto the sofa and reaches down to find the knot she tied herself that keeps her ankles bound. But before she can find the knots the Hunter returns and catches her trying to escape. He laughs at her futile escape attempt and tells her that he will have to bind her alot tighter now before her transport arrives. Whitney moans and cries into her gag in frustration and hoplessness, she will probably not find another chance to escape anytime soon.

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