Home alone, bored & dreaming of bound orgasms

107 photos; 10:06 video

Ayla Aysel

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Home alone, bored and horny Ayla is missing her kinky lover and wishes he was here right now. But he has been out of town for weeks on business and she hasn't been tied up in forever. She grabs her ropes, her shiny panel gag and her wand vibrator for a little self bondage fun. She has never tied up anyone before, not even herself but she has been tied up enough over the years that she things she has learned a few basic knots. Ayla wraps a rope arouund her booted ankles and cinches them tightly together then she ties her knees with another rope. She pulls at the ropes and looks at her work feel proud of herself for doing a great job for her first time. She really wishes someone was around to tie her arms behind her back but she will just have to pretend. She grabs her shiny panel gag and pops the rubber ball between her teeth. Ayla straps all the straps tightly around her head to hold the gag firmly in place. She is really getting horny now and pulls out her vibrator. Ayla swings her bound legs up on the soft and turns on the vibrator and begins to stimulate her pussy with the vibrator. She grinds her pussy against the vibrator, bites down on the rubber ball and closes her eye dreaming about being helplessly bound and gagged by her lover as he teases and torments her pussy. When Ayla opens her eyes she is laying on the floor with her arms tightly bound behind her back with more rope. She squirms in excitement as she feels the tight ropes biting deep into her elbows and wrists. Her booted ankles are pulled up and a rope is tied between her ankles and the ring at the top of her harness gag pulling her head back. The vibrator has been tied between her legs still pressed against her pussy. She moans in pleasure rolling over onto her belly to press the head of the vibrator against her sweet spot. She can't straighten her legs without pulling her head further back. Ayla can feel her first orgasms building up deep inside her now, she tries to hold it back knowing that when she cums she will pull and strain at the ropes inflicting delicious torture on her helplessly bound body. She pulls at her hands and realizes that her hands at ties with a rope running down between her legs tied to the head of the vibrator. She can pull the vibrator tighter against her pussy if she moves her hands. Then her first orgasms explodes in her pussy as she cums hard pulling at the ropes in the throes of pain and pleasure. She moans through her gag as her orgasm subsides but the vibrator is still buzzing between her legs, she pulls weakly at the ropes but there is no escape, she closes her eyes again hoping to awaken from her bound and helpless dream state.

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