Desperate bound crawling down the stairs to escape & find help

93 photos; 10:12 video

Whitney Morgan

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, upskirt, shiny, pantyhose, tied up, rope bondage, gagged girl, ball gag, struggling, tied elbows, crushed elbows, bound crawling, bound hopping, escape attempt, BDSM


Sexy blonde Whitney moans into her gag as she slowly awakens, she tries to stretch out her stiff limbs but her hands won't cooperate. She can feel something wrapped around her arms crushing her elbows cruelly together behind her back then realizes that it is rope biting deep into the soft flesh around her elbows and wrists. She opens her eyes and sees her curvy legs fused together, bound with ropes cinched around her ankles and knees. The last thing she remembers was getting home and then being grabbed from behind and her eyes and lungs burning as a chemical soaked rag was sealed over her nose and mouth before everything went black. NOw she wakes up tightly bound with ropes and her jaws spread open with a big rubber ball jammed between her teeth and strapped behind her head. She has no idea who did this to her or why, then it sudden occurs to her that she might not be alone. The brute that tied her up might still be lurking nearby waiting for her to awaken. Whitney realizes that she needs to find help before he returns. She pulls desperately at the ropes but the knots are tied extremely tight with her forearms welded together and her elbows kissing behind her back there is no way to free herself on her own. She has to find help quickly, she looks around and realizes that she is upstairs in the hallway by her bedroom door, she needs to get downstairs and outside if she has any hope of finding help. Whitney rolls over and looks down the hall toward the stairs. What normally would be a short walk if her legs were free seems to be a mile long. She begins to crawl first on her belly but soon realizes that without the use of her arms she can only wriggle like a worm and not get much traction. She rolls over onto her back and sits up and then using her legs and hands she inches down the hall toward the stairs. Whitney stops every few feet to look and listen to ensure that the brute that left her bound and gagged is not around. She gets to the top of the stair and looks around the corner to make sure that he isn't there. Then she begins the long crawl down the first set of stair to the landing. Peeking around the corner again she doesn't see or hear anyone. She looks down the long stair case wishing there was another way out but the isn't so she begins to slowly crawl down the stairs. Her tight miniskirt rides up her thigh and for some reason she feels embarrased about her skirt riding up so she stops to try to pull the hem down for time to time. Whitney wishes there was a better way and thinks that maybe she can hop down the stairs. So using the wall for leverage she struggles to her feet, grabbing the handrail with her bound hands. She quickly realizes that this is a stupid idea and she wasted precious time getting to her feet and standing in her bound stiletto heels knowing that she could fall down the staircase with her arms uselessly bound behind her back. Whitney inches her ass back down on the stairs again and begins to slowly crawl down the stairs. She finally reaches the bottom and peeks around the corners to see if the coast is clear. She doesn't see or hear anyone except her neighbors outside going about their daily lives, unaware of her desperate plight. Whitney struggles to her feet and using the wall for support she hops on her bound stiletto heels to the door. She finally reaches the door but when she grabs the door knob the door won't open. She realizes that the deadbolt is locked so she feels around for the deadbolt latch but her arms have been bound for so long her fingers are numb and she can barely feel the lock. She tries to turn the lock but the door won't open, she looks up to see the door keys hanging on a hook by the door. Whitney twists and stretches her bound arms to try to reach for the keys but they are just out of reach of her outstretched fingers. She screams and cries in frustration into her gag, help is just behind the door but she is trapped. She gives up on the keys and tries the latch again, this time she hears the deadbolt slide and she reaches down and turns the door handle and the door opens. She is saved. 

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