Haughty step-sister blackmailed into bondage by her bratty step-brother

106 photos; 10:35 video

 Roxie Rae with Gigi & Whitney Morgan

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Haughty blonde Roxie sits on her sofa bragging to her friend on how she plot to ruin her step-sister Whitney and step-monther Gigi's lives. She has already created plenty of turmoil in Whitney's life by seducing Whitney's fiancee and destroying her wedding plans. Now she is ready to put her plan to destroy's Gigi's marrage to her dad then she will turn her evil intentions on her bratty step-brother Timmy. Roxie was so excited about her plans that she didn't realize that little Timmy was hiding nearby playing with his new video camera until she hear him bump into the table. Startled Roxie looks up to see the brat recording her confession, she quickly ends her phone call and tries to think fast on how to get the camera away from Timmy. She smiles at the tike and tries to bribe him with money, treats pizza anything he wants just give her the camera. But Timmy is stubborn and refuses to give up the camera. Then she promises to play any game he wants so long as he promises to give her the camera. Timmy tells her that he really wants to play cops and robbers with his pretty step-sister, Roxie reluctantly agrees to play and her tosses her some rope. Nervously Roxie makes her swear that if she plays his game he will untie her when she says and give her the camera. 


Roxie next finds herself tightly bound in the ropes on the sofa, the little brat was too good at knot tying. Roxie couldn't beleive that her he could tie so tight, her arms are tied behind her back so tight that she could feel her elbows rubbing together behind her back. Her slender wrists are tightly bound more ropes fuse her legs tightly together, her even tied her stiletto heels on her feet. Roxie squirms and struggles on the sofa wondering where the fuck the little brat disappeared to. She has already had enough of this game as she calls for Timmy to come back and untie her immediately. But he dosen't respond, frustrated and getting angry Roxie rolls over on the sofa and slips her knees onto the floor. Her tight ass wriggles in the air as her tight leather mini skirt rides up her thighs as she struggles. She pulls desperately at the damned rops but they are tied so tight there is no escape. She slips to the floor on her hip and swears and demands that he come back and free her now. Finally Timmy reappears, Roxie tells him that the game is over, she kept her promise and now it is time for him to keep his. But Timmy has other plans as he pulls a weird looking shiny panel gag out from behind his back. Roxie looks up in horror, where on earth would he finds such a thing? She realizes that he intends on gagging her with the thing as he waves it around in her face. Roxie is helpless to stop him from strapping the thing in her mouth. Once he gagged her he added more ropes circling her chest, shoulders and arms, pinning her arms to her back. He then hogtied her by running the rope from her shoulders down to her bound stiletto heels. Her legs are bent and pulled up to her hands. He then left her again to go get his friends to show them what he did to his hot blond step-sister. Roxie struggles helplessly on the floor wondering how she is going to get free from the ropes. She pulls desperately at the ropes but there is no way she is going to get free. She rolls around on the floor helplessly hogtied then hears the front door open. She screams into her gag for help then looks up to see Whitney and Gigi stroll in. They stand over poor Roxie and begin to ask her what happpened, but Roxie can only mummble into her gag for help. Whitney and Gigi look down at the poor girl as she struggles but don't offer to help. Roxie begs through her gag for help as Whitney and Gigi begin to wonder how haughty Roxie ended up bound, gagged and hogtied on the floor. Their curiousity finally wins out and they free her legs from the hogiie and remove her gag. Roxie immediatly demands that they free her now. But Gigi's asks her who did this to her, Roxie tells her that her perverted son did this. Gigi looks down at poor Roxie and accuses her of corrupting her innocent son, she shouldn't be teaching her boy such thinks. Mortified Roxie calls them all crazy and demands to be freed. But Whitney laughs and begins to taunt poor Roxie, she knows that Roxie is the one that ruined her wedding plans and there is no way she is going to help her haughty step-sister. Gigi is also angry that Roxie would be trying to seduce her son. Roxie can't believe that the tables are now turned and she is helpless and begging at their feet. Gigi and Whitney tell her that she deserves to be left bound and gagged for a while while they think up a way to make her suffer. Gigi pulls off her satin sash and hands it to Whitney, Whitney ties a knot in the sash and pulls it between Roxie's teeth and with Gigi's help they gag poor Roxie again. Then laugh as they leave poor Roxie helplessly bound and gagging on the floor while they go plot their revenge.

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