Christina Carter vs the Hunter & his damned paint cans

101 photos; 6:55 video

Christina Carter

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Busty Christina has fallen into the Hunter's lair and finds herself sitting on a stool in his dirty, grudgy lair tightly bound and gagged. Her wrists are tied behind her back, her slender ankles are bound and a tight crotch rope is pulled between her legs. Black elastic bandage is pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to keep her quiet. But Christina refuses to keep quiet and struggles desperately to free her wrists from the ropes. She considers hopping away but the Hunter has tied her 6 inch stiletto heels on her feet, she can barely walk in the them with her ankles free so there is no way she will attempt to hop with her ankles tied together. The Hunter comes back in with a big stupid grin on his face and Christina begins by swearing and cursing at him through her gag, demanding to be free. But the Hunter tells her that first she needs the full lair experience, he grabs some rope and goes behind her and pushes her elbows together behind her back with his hands. He laughs as she gasps into her gag then her wraps ropes around her upper arms and as she protests through her gag he slams her elbows together behind her back and ties them tightly together. He watches her struggle in the ropes then grabs the front of her red peasant blouse and pulls her big tits out of her blouse. Christina demands he stop and begins to curse and swear again. The Hunter pulls a roll of shiny black tape out of his pocket and wraps it tightly over the elastic bandage already pulled tightly between her lips. The tape pulls the gag deep in her mouth, forcing her mouth open and pulling the corner of her big mouth back. There is a rope hanging in front of her that runs up to an overhead pulley. He ties one end of the rope to her crotch rope then he grabs a heavy gallon of paint and places it on top of her head. Christina is mortified as he balances the paint can on her head and tells her take this should calm her down and keep her from cursing and struggling so much. Christina looks up at the ceiling with her eyes, trying to keep her head and body perfectly still. The heavy paint can presses down on the top of her head as she wills herself not to move. She knows that if the paint can falls then it will jerk the already painfully tight crotch rope deeper into her pussy. Sweat pours down her face as she struggles with the heavy paint can on her head, the Hunter laughs at her plight and tells her that sooner or later she is going to upset the balance of the can and it will fall and jerk her crotch rope. Then the bastard comes over and begins to lightly tickle her ribs. Christina fights the urge to move but she is very ticklish and finally the strain of holding her head still and the tickling causes her to jerk, she screams into her gag as the paint can fall to the floor only to be caught short by the rope attached to her crotch rope and the crotch rope is jerked deep in her pussy. She laughs through her gag at the absurdity of her situation but the Hunter mistakes her laugh as an act of defiance. So he grabs another paint can and ties it to the end of the rope and swings both cans. Christina struggling helplessly in the ropes as she watches the paint cans swing. She begins to curse and swear again which only earns her another gallon of paint tied to her crotch rope. She begs and cries through her gag as the third paint can is tied on and swings at the end of the rope. The Hunter leaves her alone to suffer and struggle in her helpless situation.

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