Strict hogcuffed escape challenge

97 photos; 8:29 video

Adara Jordin

bondage, Damsel in Distress, handcuffs, high heels, shiny, upskirt, cuffed elbows, gagged girl, leather panel gag, harness gag, thumbcuffs, chains, struggling, escape challenge, BDSM


Feisty Adara struggles with the Hunter as her wrestles her to the sofa, with her arms locked behind her back in steel cuffs she is easily overpowered. Adara can feel the tight steel cuffs biting deep into the soft flesh around her upper arms, pulling her elbows close together behind her back. Another set of handcuffs are locked around her slender wrists and her thumbs are clamped together in a set of steel thumbcuffs. A rubber ball is jammed between her teeth, held in place by a shiny leather panel gag that is strapped tightly around her head. The Hunter grabs her ankles and locks one steel cuff of a leg shackle around her ankle, then he wraps the chain between the cuffs around both of her ankles before locking the other cuff around her other ankles. He gets up and lets her struggle on the sofa as he goes to get more restraints. But Adara isn't ready to surrender, she struggles to her feet and tries to hop away. But she doesn't get far trying to hop in stiletto heels with her ankles cuffed and chained tightly together. The Hunter grabs her and wrestles her to the floor. He has another leg shackle and pushes one of the cuffs through a ring mounted at the top of her head harness panel gag. He pulls her head back and pulls her ankles up and locks the other cuff between her chain ankles. Adara neck is pulled and stretched back with her head locked to her ankles in a cruel hogcuff. The Hunter drops the keys on the carpet next to her and tells her that she is more then welcome to leave if she can free herself. Adara struggles to turn her head to see the keys but the head harness severely restricts her head movements. She has to feel around on the floor blindly with her cuffed hands for the keys to the cuffs. After a frustrating search she finally grabs the keys but realizes that there are more then one set of keys on the ring. She tries to feel for the handcuff key but with her thumbs clamped together in the thumbcuffs she has trouble manipulating the keys to the key hole in the cuffs. She grunts, groans and cries in frustration as she desperately tries to find the keyhole and maneuver the keys with her cuffed hands to the hole. She just about gets the key to the hole when she drops the keys. She moans in frustration again as she tries once again to blindly find the keys with her restrained hands. She finally finds the keys again and renews her desperate struggles to find the right key again and then find the key hole. She doesn't know how long the Hunter will be gone but knows she has to free herself before he returns or she is going to face a long night of severe bondage.

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