Petulant heiress ziptied by her evil Uncle for her own good

116 photos; 12:11 video

Staring Little Red Girl

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LIttle Red was so exicited to finally escape from her crazy familty, after she inherited her grandfater's estate her life was a nightmare. She was an adult but her family keep her on a tight leash and won't let her spend any of her money. Red wanted new clothes, shoes and freedom to patry but her entire family kept her from having fun. Now she had finally managed to escape and was enjoying her new found freedom in the big city. She had already made new friends and got rid of the dowdy waredrobe that her family demanded she wear. She stands in front of her mirror chatting on the phone with her new girlfriend and admiring her shiny skin tight club wear she just bought. Red just loved her new shiny stiletto heels, they made her legs look so long and shapely, she would never wear flats again. Her conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door, it mush be room service she tells her friend, she needs to eat something before her long night of partying at the club. Red finishes the call and goes to the door. Her heart sinks in her chest when she sees her brutish uncle Jim standing in the door. Red is determined to stand her ground and looks up at her creepy uncle and tells her to get out of her life. He tells her that she is to come home with him, the famiily send him to track her down and bring her home by force if necessary. Red tells him that she is an adult and there is no way she is going home every again. It is her money and she is going to have fun and enjoy her life and the family can go fuck themselves. Then her brutish uncle forces his way insdie her room and slams the door behind him, he grabs the struggling Red girl and tosses her up onto his shoulder. Red demands he put her down and get out of her life as stiletto heels kick in the air and she punches his back with her little fists. He tosses Red on to the bed and before she can roll away she grabs her arms and twists them behind her back. Red demands that he unhand her now but he grabs her elbows and slams them together behind her back. He tells her that if she won't come quietly then he has no choice but to use force. Red pulls at her arms but his is too powerful then to her horror she feels the first nylon zip tie as he wraps it around her biceps. She cries out in pain as the ziptie slices deep into the soft flesh around her upper arms as her elbows are crushed tightly together behind her back. Red squrims and struggles to get away but Uncle Jim is too strong and quick for her. She feels another ziptie being wrapped around her slender wrists then screams in pain as the tight nylon tie bites deep into her wrist bones. Despite her pain and helplessness Red is still defiant and demands her free her at once. But Uncle Jim is tired of her mouth and reachs up her tiny mini skirt and grabs her panties. Red is shocked and humiliated as her pulls her pantes down her slender legs and balls them up in his hand. Red is infuriated now and begins to swear and curse at her uncle  but her stream of profanity is cut short when he stuffs her balled up panties deep in her mouth. In her final act of defiance Red spits the panties out of her mouth as he reaches for a roll of shiny black tape. But Uncle Jim just grabs the panties and stuffs them back into her mouth then pulls the tape between her lips and wraps it tightly around her head. Her lacy red panties are packed deep in her mouth behind the tape keeping her from screaming for help. Uncle Jim grabs more zipties and grabs her kicking legs. Red screams in pain into her gag as the hard nylon tie slices deep into her ankle bones. Uncle Jim calls her a slut and wants the family to see her in her slut attire so he zipties her shiny new stiletto heels onto her feet as well to keep her from kicking them off. He further secures her arms with another ziptie around her forearms. He looks down at his struggle petulant niece and notices that she isn't wearing a bra. Well that just won't do, what will the family think. He unzips her top and pulls her small tits out. Red loods donw in stunned horror as he wraps mmre zipties around the base of her right breast. She screams into her gag in pain as the ziptie slices deep into the soft flesh around the base of her breast causing it to swell and bulge. He then zipties her left breast as well, he looks down at her tits and decides they need more zipties to make a proper bra. He wraps another zip tie around both of her throbbing swollen tits and zipties them togheter. Then he cinches her tits together with another ziptie between her swollen tits. Red struggles helplessly on the bed as he bends her legs and runs still another ziptie from her bound stiletto heels to her crushed elbows and pulls the ziptie tight. He tells her that he is doing this for her own good, the family wants her home and safe. He tells her that he is going down to the bar until night fall and will return to move her in the cover of night and she will be home with the family tomorrow. Red screams into her gag for help as he leaves her helplessly bound and gagged, but her pitiful muffled screams can't be heard outside her room. She pulls at her bondage but there is no slack in any of the zipties that cut deep into her flesh. Red sobs and cries in pain and frustration, she doesn't want to go home she wants to be free of her crazy family but there is no escape. 

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