Her feeble escape attempt bought her a strict chicken wing hogtie

48 photos; 9:07 video

Staring Lindsey

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, shiny satin, upskirt, tied elbows, gagged girl, tape gag, struggling, escape attempt, hogtied, chicken wing, chickenwing hogtie, BDSM


Sexy blond secretary Lindsey wakes up the sofa in her living room. The last thing she remembered was coming home from work and being grabbed from behind and the foul smelling rag clamped over her mouth and nose that made her eyes burn before she . She had no idea what time is was but could still see daylight streaming through her window and hear her neighbors going about their daily lives unaware of her peril. Lindsey tries to move but her arms are strictly bound behind her back, she could feel the ropes cut deep into her wrists and elbows and her elbows rub painfully against each other. Her ankles and knees were also tied tightly together. The worst of it beside her painfully tied elbows was the huge rag stuffed into her mouth forcing her jaws painfully open and the duct tape wrapped around her head and over her mouth keeping her silent. She wasn't sure where her assilant was but she seemed to be alone for now. She had to find a way of attacting her neighbors so side off the sofa and onto the floor. She crawled slowly across the carpet toward the door. It seemed an eternity trying to crawl the few meters across the carpet to the door. Finally she got to the door and started kicking it with her high heels hoping to attact some attention from the outside world. She even tried to open the door with her bound feet by stretching her legs up and turning the knob. But that turned out to be a futile effort and in frustration she started kicking the door again. But her efforts did attact some attention as the her assailent came in and stood over her. Lindsey looked up at him begging with her eyes to please be freed. But he had more rope and pulled her away from the door. A rope was tied over her shoulders and down her back. She could feel as the rope was feed between her bound wrists then pulled up. She groaned in pain as her wrists were pulled up to the center of her back and her poor elbows were pushed up and out. He then flipped her over onto her belly and tied another rope from her bound ankles to her elbows. He pulled the ropes bow string tight forcing her elbows back and acrhing her back. He hands were forced to her side as the ropes from her elbows to ankles were pulled taut. She looked up at him in pain as he walked away leaving her totally helpless and painfully bound.

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