A very bad decision for the busty blonde party girl

93 photos; 13:04 video

Staring Amanda Foxx

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Busty blonde Amanda was having a great time at the rave party and didn't want to stop when it was 'last call'. So when the man who was buying her drinks offered to take her to an after hours party at his home she was only too happy to go. He had to help wobbly party girl into his house and escorted her into his living room. Amanda looks around at the nice home and asks where the party is. He tells her that his friends will arrive very soon and asks her if she wants to play a game. Amanda is feeling really good and exicted and agrees to play. He pulls out some rope and pulls her arms behind her back. Amanda laughs and smiles as he ties her wrist behind her back. She loves kinky games and bondage has always been fun for her. He pushes her onto the sofa and grabs her booted ankles and wraps ropes around her boots. Amanda pulls at her wrists, they are tied awful tight and now her ankles are being tied. Her head begins to clear a bit as she watches the strange man tie her ankles, she asks again where the party is? He tells her that his friends will be here soon and that she will be the party entertainment. He pulls her tits out of her tiny crop top then grabs and gropes her tits. Amanda pulls at the ropes again, she doesn't want to play and demands he untie the ropes. The man tells her to keep quiet when she threatens to scream. He pulls out a shiny black panel gag and pushes the ball deep in her mouth. Amanda struggles but there is nothing she can do to stop him with her wrists and ankles tightly tied. He pulls the harnness straps around her head and throat fusing the panel over her mouth. Once the gag is strapped tightly over her mouth he continues to fondle and grope her as she struggles on the sofa. He grabs more ropes and ties them around her shoulders, chest and arms. The tight ropes frame her big tits then he cinches her arms to her back. She protest through the gag as he begins to wrap ropes around the base of her tits. Amanda's eyes go wild over the gag as he brutally binds her tits in a tourniquet of rope. Amanda looks down as her poor tits swell and are deformed by the tight ropes. He then pulls out a wand vibrator and more ropes, she shakes her head in protest as he ties the head of the vibrator against her pussy. Once he ties the vibrator between her legs he flips on the switch, Amanda jumps and screams into her gag as the vibrator begins to stimulate her pussy. He pulls her onto the floor and gets more rope. Amanda struggles on the floor begging and crying through her gag as her tits throb and swell up like two ripe melons. He rolls her over onto her belly with her brutally bound tits crushed under her body as he ties a rope to a ring at the top of her harness gag. He pulls her legs up with her knees bent and runs the rope from her harness gag to her stiletto heels. The rope is feed between her heels and then pulled bowstring tight. Amanda head is pulled back with her neck arched ties to her feet, he rolls her over onto her side and grabs and gropes her tits again and checks to insure that the vibrator is pressed up tight against her pussy. He leaves Amanda struggling on the floor painfully bound and gag with the vibrator working over her pussy.

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