Slutty step-mom blackmailed into handcuffs

116 photos; 13:49 video

Staring Amanda Foxx

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Busty blond trophy wife sits on her sofa chatting on the phone with her lovers. Her husband is out of town on business for a few weeks and she just sent her annoying brat step-son, Timmy, over to the neighbors to go on camping trip with them for twp whole weeks. Amanda is super horny just from the sound of her lover's voice, she tells him that she can't wait to get fucked by him this weekend and then spend the next week with him for partying and sex. She puts her hands down in her panties and plays with her pussy as he begins to talk dirty to her. Amanda really needs to cum so she pulls a wand vibrator out from behind a pillow and turns it on. She spreads her legs, closes her eyes and presses the head of the vibrator against her wet pussy. Amanda gets lost in her passion as her lover talks dirty to her over the phone and the vibrator stimulates her pussy until she is ready to cum. But her sensual pleasure is suddenly interrupted when she hears a loud noise, Amanda opens her eyes and looks up to see little Timmy standing there recording her with his smart phone. Amanda abruptly ends the call and tries to hide the wand vibrator. She stammers and studders trying to think of something to say to little Timmy, hte little bastard has caught her red-handed and if his dad sees the recording then she will lose everything and she is too old to go back to waitressing at the country club again. Amanda demands that Timmy hand her the phone but Timmy refuses, so Amanda tries to bribe him with treats, a trip to the amusement park, anything he wants just please erase the recording and forget everything he has seen and heard. Timmy is subborn and Amanda is desperate, then Timmy tells her his price, he wants her to help him with his magic tricks. Amanda breathes a sigh of releif, this should be easy, but then Timmy hands her two sets of handcuffs. Amanda looks up at him nerviously but she really has no choice, she asks for the key to the cuffs and Timmy hands them over to her. Amanda puts the key on the sofa in easy reach then cuffs her slender ankles together with one of the set of handcuffs. Timmy then instructs her to lock the other set of cuffs around her wrists behind her back. Amanda makes him promise to unlock the cuffs as soon as they are finished. Timmy agrees and Amanda foolishly locks the cuffs around her wrist. Once her wrists are cuffed behind her back Timmy moves the key over to a nearby coffed table and then locks another set of steel handcuffs around her elbows. Amanda isn't too happy about having her elbows cuffed so close together behind her back, she has never felt so helpless before in her life and there is no way she could ever unlock the cuffs around her elbows on her own. Timmy left as soon as he cuffed her elbows, Amanda struggles on the sofa wondering how she got herself into this, she looks over and sees the keys on the coffee table. She struggles off the sofa onto her knees and crawls over to the coffee table to get the keys. She struggles to reach for the keys blindly feeling around with her outstretched finger until she feels them. She rolls over onto her hip and tries to find the get the key into the key whole. But she can't see what she is doing with her hands behind her back and can't get the key into the keyhole. Maybe she can unlock the handcuffs locked around her ankles. Amanda swings her hands over and looking down she sees the key hole. But the key won't fit into the hole. Frustrated and annoyed she calls for Timmy to come back and free her from the cuffs. She struggles in the floor pulling desperately at the cuffs and tries to slip the cuffs over her hands. But this proves to be fruitless but she looks up to see Timmy standing there with a big smile on his face. Amanda demands that he unlock the cuffs but then to her horror Timmy tells her that he can't because he super glued the locks. Amanda is livid and demands he call someone to cut the cuffs off but Timmy grabs her wand vibrator and begins to wave it around. Amanda demands that he stops playing around, put the vibrator down and call the fire department and cut her out of this cuffs. But Timmy only smiles bigger as he turns on the vibrator and waves it closer and closer to her crotch. Amanda is mortified, she tells him that this is totally inappropriate, she is his step-mother and he has to do as she says. But Timmy isn't listening and presses the head of the vibrator against her pussy. Amanda jumps as the vibrator begins to stimulate her already wet pussy, she forgets herself for a moment and moans in pleasure before realizing what is happening. She fights her sexual urges and looks up at Timmy and demands that he stop this now and get someone to help cut her out of the cuffs. But Timmy tells her to keep quiet, Amanda tells him that if he doesn't stop now she is going to scream for help. Then Timmy pulls out a weird looking leather harness and waves it in her face. Amanda sees a big red ball attached to the inside of a leather panel and with all the straps and buckles she realizies that it is some sort of gag. Where in the hell did a little boy find such a thing? And before she can scream for help he stuffed the ball into her mouth and strapped the harness tightly around her head. Once he gagged her into silence he pulls out another set of cuffs, pulled her big tits out of her dress and closed the jaws of the cuffs around the base of her tits. The tight steel cuffs bite deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits, causing them to swell and bulge. The chain between the cuffs is wrapped over the back of her neck like some sort of kinky bra. Amanda looks down at her swollen tits in helpless horror but the little imp wasn't finished. He padlocked a short chain between her cuffed ankles and cuffed elbows and bending her legs he hogcuffed her on the floor. Then finally he tied the wand vibrator to her pussy using rope and leather cords, he turned the vibrator on and then left. He told her before he left that he was going to call his friends over to see his hot step-moms tits and watch her struggle in the steel cuffs. Amanda screams and cries through her gag, pulling desperately at the steel cuffs and chains. But she is completely helpless and at the mercy of the evil little brat. Her poor tits throb as the tight steel slices deep into her flesh, she can't even roll over without crushing her swollen bound breasts under her own weight. And the vibrator is begining to have some effect as her pussy is stimulated by the relentless vibrations. Amanda doesn't know what is going to happen to her next, it will be a few weeks before her husband comes home and her lover will never come over uninvited to look for her. 

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