Bound and flogged in the dungeon

147 photos; 10:00 video

Staring Minuit Sasori

bondage, Damsel in Distress, MILF, rope, struggling, tied elbows, strappado, squat strappado, crotch rope, flogging, whipping, dungeon, BDSM


Minuit struggles in the dungeon with her elbows crushed together behind her back, bound in ropes. Her neck is tethered to the stone wall by a rope leash and a knotted rope has been pulled between her teeth and tied around her head to keep her quiet. Minuit pulls at the rope tethering her to the wall and tries to reach around with her flailing hands by the knots are out of reach. The Hunter comes in to begin her torture, he ties her wrists together behind her back. Minuit kicks at him so he ties her knees tightly together then frees her neck from the wall. He leads her to the center of the chamber and sits her on a high stool. The rope leash is pulled between her bound knees forcing her head to down and her chest to her thighs. A rope is pulled down from an overhead ring and run between her bound wrists. He pulls her wrists up high behind her back in a strict strappado. Minuit curses and swears through her gag in defiance before he pulls the stool out from under her ass. She scream and groans in pain as her arms are pulled up high behind her back and she is forced to squat with her neck tied to her knees. The Hunter goes over to the wall and grabs a black leather flogger, Minuit struggles to move her ass as he begins to whip her ass with the flogger. She twists and turns trying to avoid the blows but the Hunter lands a few good ones on her ass. He soon tires of chasing her ass around so ties a crotch rope between her legs then pulled the end of the crotch rope up her ass and ties it to another ring in the ceiling. The crotch rope slices deep in her pussy as she is forced to stretch her legs. Minuit is now immobilized, stretched between the ropes tied to her wrists and the painfully tight crotch rope. The Hunter then begins to flog and whip her ass once again. Minuit screams and cries through her gag as her big ass wiggles and jiggles but remains a prime target for the leather flogger. The Hunter finally stops to take a break but leaves poor Minuit hanging in the cruel strappado unable to move.

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