Nipple clamp predicament demo at BoundCon

94 photos; 8:03 video

Staring Captive Kerry

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The Hunter is has attended Bound Con in Munich, Germany many times since 2010 as a guest rigger and presenter. Outside of the scheduled events there are demostrations and rope play going on all over the convention floor. Kerry is an adorable Scottish lass who adores bondage and has been attending Bound Con for the past several years. She and the Hunter agreed to do an inpromptue predicament bondage demostration. Kerry has had little experience with predicament bondage and was excited to give it a go. The Hunter first binds her arms tightly together with zipties, Kerry's elbows are crushed together behind her back with the three zipties, one around her wrists, then around her forearms and the one pulled tight around her biceps. Her booted ankles are also tied together with another ziptie. He stuffs a big black ball gag between her teeth and straps it in tight. The Hunter rolls her over onto her belly and hogties her with a ziptie running from her booted ankles to her bound elbows. The Hunter pulls her tits out of her pretty pink peasant blouse and attaches a set of nipple clamps to her exposed nipples. He then pulls out a solid iron collar and ties a rope to the nipple clamps with the heavy iron collar attached to the rope. Kerry eyes go big as she realizes that if the heavy iron collar falls free then it will jerk and stretch her poor crushed nipples. After toying with her for a few moments, swinging the heavy collar around and letting her feel how heavy it is when dangled at the end of the rope he places the heavy iron ring on her head like a crown. Kerry bites into the ball gag between her teeth and tries to remain prefectly still. She can feel the heavy iron collar on her head as she struggles to keep her head up as not to upset the precarious balance of the collar. The Hunter adjusts the collar on her head to make it even more challenging. After a few minutes of struggling to keep the collar on her head Kerry can feel her neck muscles begin to weaken. The Hunter asks if she has had enough and Kerry begs with her eyes for help. So he takes the heavy collar off her head and removes the ball gag. He then makes her open her mouth and puts the rope between her teeth. Kerry bites down on the rope as he lets go of the collar. The heavy iron collar dangles below her chin hanging from the rope between her teeth. Kerry pulls helplessly at the zipties binding her limps but there is no escape, her poor nipples throb in pain from being crushed by the clamps but she realizes that is she loses her grip on the rope between her teeth the heavy collar will pulls and jerk her nipples.

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