Please tie me up really tight Uncle Jim & make me cum

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Staring Little Red Girl

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Red couldn't wait to get out of school today, her favorite Uncle Jim was in town and it has been like forever since she had seen him last. She dressed special for him today in her shortest school skirt and over the knee stiletto heels. Red carries a bundle of rope and her favorite wand vibrator down the hall to his hotel room super excited to show him all the new things she has learned. He has been tying her up since she was little and she absolutely loved being helplessly bound and gagged in his arms, it was her happy place and he always made her feel so loved and secure in his ropes. Now she has her own ropes and has discovered that she can't have an orgasm unless she is tightly bound and gagged. Red whole body was shaking in excitment as she knocks on his door. As Uncle Jim opens the door she jumps into his arms and gives him a big hug then leads him inside telling him how much she has missed him. She then begins to beg and plead with him to please tie her up. But Uncle Jim is reluctant, they almost got caught by her mom last time and he feels that she is getting suspicious. But Red promises that she will never find out, it is their own little secret. Red jumps for joy when her uncle finally agrees and takes the wand vibrator, he asks her what it does and she tells him that in buzzes between her legs and stimulates her pussy. Red hands him the ropes and stands and places her arms behind her back with her hands palm to palm. She almost melts when he wraps the ropes around her upper arms and presses her elbows tightly together. Red loves the feeling of rope slicing into her flesh and having her elbows crushed together behind her back. Her whole body shakes in excitement as she feels the ropes around her wrists tighten and being cinched together. Uncle Jim lifts her skirt and tells her to remove her panties, Red is all too happy to comply knowing that her wet panties will soon fill her mouth. She struggles to remove her panties with her arms tightly fused behind her back and her uncle has to help her get them down past her boots. He balls up the panties and stuffs them in red mouth. Then has her lie down on the bed, he removes her panties so she can chat with him as he wraps a long rope around her booted ankles then bends her legs and lashes her ankle to her thigh with the stiletto heel of her boot pressed into her ass cheek. He cinches her frogtied leg tight then frogties her other leg before pulling her up onto her knees. When he presses the head of the wand vibrator against her naked pussy Red squeals and jumps for joy, her pussy is already dripping wet from the ropes and excitement of seeing her favortie uncle that she can barely contain herself. Red pouts when her removes the vibrator from her pussy but then sees he has another better plan. A rope is ties around her tiny waist then run down between her legs and knoted. The head of the vibrator is tied to the rope then tied tightly to her pussy as he runs the other end of the rope up between the ropes binding her wrists together. With the vibrator securely tied and buried in her pussy he turns it on again. Red squirms in the ropes as her pussy is vibed and stimulated with the vibrator. Uncle Jim picks up her wet panties and stuffs them back inside her mouth. Shiny black tape is then pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to keep her from spitting the panties out. He tells her that he is going down to the bar for a little bit so that she can relax and enjoy herself in the ropes and gag. Red looks up through her tears of happiness as she watches him leave the room. Her eyes roll back in her head as the vibrator hits her sweet spot on her clit. She pulls at the ropes as her whole body tense up and her first orgasm builds up inside her pussy. She loves the feeling of being absolutely helpless and unable to control what is happening to her. Red moans into her gag as her orgasm builds inside her, she pulls desperately at the ropes but they hold her tight. Then her first orgasm explodes in her pussy and she screams into her gag, thankfully the gag stifles most of her screams of passion. Her orgasms begins to subside but the vibrator keeps relentlessly stimulating her pussy and clit. Almost as soon as she recovers from her orgasm she cums again and again squirming in the ropes unable to move. Her brain floats away in a cloud of passion as she loses all track of time and space. She can't wait for her uncle to come back and finish her off.

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