Hot blond bimbo brutally bound, gagged & hogtied in boots

120 photos; 9:50 video

Staring Adara Jordin

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Bitchy blond bimbo Adara is pushed onto the sofa with her wrists tightly bound behind her back. She kicks at the Hunter as she curses and demands he let her go, but he grabs her feet and wraps ropes around her booted ankles and cinches them tightly together. Once her ankles are tightly tied he pulls out some white elastic bandage and pulls it tight between her lips. The elastic bandage is wrapped tightly around her head pulling the corner of her mouth back. But even tightly cleave gag Adara is still too noisy so the Hunter grabs a roll of thin red tape and pulls it between her lips and wraps it tightly over the white elastic bandage cleave gag. The red tape pulls the gag deeper inside her mouth, forcing her jaws open and effectively silencing her bitching and complaining. Adara doesn't give up fighting so he grabs more rope and ties her knees tightly together. The Hunter stands her on her bound feet and ties another rope around her tiny waist and pulls it down between her legs. The crotch rope is buried deep in her black panties with the other end of the crotch rope tied to her bound wrists, pinning her hands to her ample ass. Adara still tries to escape from the Hunter by attempting to hop away, but she doesn't get far, he drags her back and wraps ropes around her biceps. Adara grunts and moans into her gag as he slams her elbows completely together behind her back and cinches them tight, more ropes are wrapped around her shoulders, arms and chest pinning her arms to her spine. He lets her go and Adara falls onto the sofa where she struggles rolling around trying to get up. But with her hands uselessly tied to her ass and her arms fused to her spine there is no way for her to stand up. So Adara rolls her knees off the side of the sofa and tries to crawl away. The Hunter is getting tired of her pitiful escape attempts so he grabs more rope and pulls it between her tightly gagged mouth. The rope gag is knotted behind her head then he bend her legs and attaches the other end of the rope gag to her tightly bound ankles. He pulls her head back and ties the rope gag hogtied rope bowstring tight. He leaves the bratty bimbo brutally bound, cruelly gagged and helplessly hogtied on the floor. There will be no more escape attempts in he brutal bondage.

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