Brutally gagged, tied to a chair her big beautiful tits bound & throbbing

65 photos; 10:05 video

Staring Amanda Foxx

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Hot busty blond Amanda sits in a chair with her wrists crossed and tied behind the chair with rope. More ropes circle her chest pinning her to the chair. The corners of her mouth are pulled back with a tight elastic cleave gag pulled between her teeth. The Hunter comes back to play with his hapless captive. He begins by pulling out some black shiny tape and pulls it between her teeth and wraps it tightly over her other gag. The stretchy tape pulls the gag deeper inside her mouth forcing her jaws open. He then spreads her legs and ties her ankles to the legs of the chair. Another rope is tied around her tiny waist then pulled down between her legs and buried deep in her lacy blue panties, splitting her pussy in two. She protest through her gag as he unzips the front of her dress and pulls her big beautiful tits out. More ropes are wrapped tied to the ropes wrapped around her chest then her brutally bind her tits in a tourniquet of rope. The ropes sliced deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits, causing them to swell and bulge as more and more rope is wrapped tighter and tighter around her tits. Once her breast are brutally bound and swollen the Hunter ties them tightly together, pulling and stretching them until they kiss together. Amanda sobs and cries in pain as she looks down at her throbbing breasts and sees them begin to change color. Once her tits are brutally bound he pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches it to her crotch rope. Amanda begs and pleads through the gag as he cranks the winch on the wall behind her pulling the crotch rope tightly and tighter. The crotch rope slices deep inside her pussy and ass pulling her hips and ass slightly off the chain. He leaves her alone to suffer in the brutal rope as her tits throb and swell in pain and the crotch rope slices her in two.

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