His helpless hostage endures cruel forced orgasms

92 photos; 9:07 video

Staring Dacey Harlot

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Poor Dacey has been tied to this chair for days now, ever since she was snatched after school but the hooded brute. Ropes bite into her elbows pulling them close together behind the chair and her hands are pulled to the sides of the chair with her wrists tied down by her hips. Her legs are frogtied with ropes wrapped around her ankles and thighs pulling her stiletto heels into her ass. The brute told her that he is expecting her daddy to finally pay for her release sometime today, she moans into her gag as she struggles helplessly in the chair waiting. Then her captor finally returns with good news, her daddy will have her ransom later this afternoon. He looks down at his helpless hostage and tells her that since he only has a few more hours with her that he thought he would have a little fun. He pulls out a wand vibrator and shows it to Dacey. He turns it on and in begins to hum and vibrate. Dacey begs and cries through her gag as he teases her with the vibrator before pressing it against her pussy. Dacey jumps as much as her tight rope allow and squirms to try to escape the vibrating head. But there is little she can do as he torments her with the vibrator. Dispite her pain and fright Dacey begins to get turned on by the vibrator. Dacey tries to clamp her legs shut but the ropes keep her knees apart and the cruel brute pushes her legs wide open as he vibrates her pussy. Dacey pulls desperately at the ropes binding her arms but there is no escape and he is relentless. He grabs her nipples and rubs her pussy as he continues to stimulate her clit with the vibrating head. Poor Dacey bites down on her gag as her whole body tenses up as her orgasm builds up deep in her. Finally she can not fight it any longer as a violent brain numbing orgasm expodes in her pussy. He continues to vibrate her pussy for a few more orgasms then he stuffs the head of the vibrator in to her panties and leaves, telling her that he needs to check on the money but will return later once he gets paid to release her from the ropes. Dacey looks on in disbelief as he leaves her alone with the vibrator still stimulting her already overstimulated and now sensitive pussy. She desperately tries to reach for the vibrator with her hands by it is just out of reach. Dacey screams and cries through her gag for help but there is no one to hear her pitiful muffles screams. And she can already feel another orgasm building up inside her.

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