Cruel ziptied tits predicament for the busty duo

109 photos; 10:06 video

Staring Amanda Foxx & Lexi Lane

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Busty blond MILF Amanda sits bound and gagged in a chair in the lair wondering what torment the Hunter has planned for her tits today. Her wrists and elbows are cruelly bound in nylon zipties behind the chair and another ziptie slices into her slender ankles, binding them tightly together. A elastic medical wrap is pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to keep her quiet. She hears the sound of stiletto heels scraping on the floor and looks over to see the Hunter dragging a young girl, Lexi, into the lair. Lexi's elbows are crushed brutally together with a ziptie slicing deep into the soft flesh around her biceps and wrists, fusing her arms together behind her back. Lexi is similairly gagged with medical wrapped pulled between her lips and wrapped around her head. The Hunter pushes poor Lexi into another chair on the other side of the room facing Amanda. Amanda and Lexi's eyes meet and they can see the look of terror and pain in each other eyes. They watch as the Hunter pulls out more zipties and comes over to Amanda and pulls her big tits out of her shiny crop top. He wraps a zip tie around the base of one of her boobs and pulls it tight. Amanda screams in pain into her gag as the hard nylon ziptie slices deep into the soft flesh around her tit. The Hunter then zipties her other breast and pulls it tight, Amanda tits swell up like two ripe melons as the nylon bites deep into her flesh. He then turns in malicious intent on poor Lexi. He pulls her tits out of her skin tight vinyl dress and wraps a zip tie around the base of one of her breasts. She begs and pleads through her gag as her pulls the zip tie tight causing her breast to swell and mushroom out as it bites deep into her flesh. Her other breast is then ziptied as well. The Hunter grabs another zip tie and goes back over to Amanda and wraps it around the base of her already bound, swollen and throbbing tits and binds them tightly together. He pulls a rope down from an overhead pulley and ties and cinches the ziptie binding Amanda's tits together, Amanda screams in pain into her gag as the cinching tightens the nylon around her boobs. He then goes back over to Lexi and wraps another ziptie around both of her tits and cinches them together with another rope hanging down from the same pulley as Amanda. He finds the other end of the rope attached to Lexi's bound breast and pulling Amanda's feet off the floor he ties the end of the rope to Amanda's ankles. Amand realizes that if she doesn't keep her feet raised high in the air then she will pull and stretch poor Lexi's tits with the weight of her legs. She then watches in horror as he lifts Lexi's feet up and ties the then of the rope attaches to her tits to Lexi's ankles. He laughs and tells them to have fun and leaves the room. Lexi and Amanda look at each other in terror knowing that they are now responsible for the other's bound tits. Each girl struggles desperately to keep her feet raised in the air but know that sooner or later their legs are going to tire and weaken and when that happens they will pull and stretch the other's bound swollen tits. The girls can already feel their muscles burn under the strain as they quiver and shake deperately trying not to hurt the other. They don't know how long they can last like this but there is no escape and no chance of slipping free of the tight zipties around their arms. They look at each other trying to apologize  to the other for torturing their tits.

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