Horny cheating step-mom blackmailed into bondage for bound orgasms

99 photos; 10:02 video

Staring Ayla Aysel

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Pretty trophy wife Ayla sits on the sofa chatting with her lover about how bored she is with her busy new husband and his stupid brat son. She really misses going out partying every night, hanging out with her friends and getting fucked every day. It has been too long since she has seen her lover and really misses him, with her husband out of town for a few weeks on buisness and little Timmy off to summer camp she finally has some freedom. She really can't wait to see him and begs him to talk dirty to her so she can masterbate and dream about being fucked all night long again. She grabs her wand vibrator opens her legs wide while her lover begins to talk dirty to her. She vibs her pussy with the wand, closes her eyes and pleasures herself lost in her world of lust. Then her dream world is rudely broken when she hears a loud noise, Ayla looks up to see her bratty step-son Timmy holding his smart phone recording her in her compromising position. She ends the call abruptly and tries to think quick, she needs to get that smart phone away from Timmy and erase the video. She begins to sweet talk Timmy offering him bribes, candy, pizza but nothing works. Finally in frustrated panic she asks him what he wants in exchange for the phone. Timmy tells her that she never plays with him and he really loves playing cowboys and Indians. Ayla thinks about it, she really hates the brat but she doensn't see the harm in playing with him if he will give her the phone and never speak of this again. Timmy then tosses her a bundle of rope, Ayla looks down at the rope and reluctantly agrees to allow him to tie her up but he has to promise to free her when she asks. Ayla is now tightly bound in ropes, her legs are folded and tied so her ankles are tied to her thighs with lots of ropes cinching her stiletto heels to her ass. He has also tied her wrists behind her back, Ayla has been struggling for some time to work on the ropes binding her wrists but the brat is good, she can't even find the knots. It has been a while since she has seen Timmy, where the fuck is he? Ayla calls for him to come back and untie her like he promised, she has head enough of this foolishness it was time to let her go. Ayla struggles helplessly getting angry now as she demands Timmy come back and untie her. Finally she hears him return and looks up and tells him that he needs to go to camp now, untie her so she can drive him. but Timmy has other plans. Ayla looks up as the brat picks up her wand vibrator and waves it around, Ayla tells him to put it down and quick playing around and untie her. She hands are going numb and she really wants to get rid of him. Then Timmy turns on the vibrator and presses it against her pussy, with her legs tightly bound and spread and her hands tied behind her back Alya can't stop him. She tells him to stop and how inappropriate this is, but her pussy is still wet from her dirty talk with her lover and Timmy finds the right spot, Ayla rubs against the head of the vibrator in pleasure then realizes what is happening and dispite her being turned on she snaps out of it and demands he stop. Timmy pulls the vibrator away in embarrassment and Ayla thinks she has won her first battle of wills with him. But then he pulls a pair of her panties out of his pocket and waves them around in front of her face. Ayla realizes that he now intends to gag her with her own panties. She is really pissed now and orders him to untie her now. But Timmy doesn't listen and drops the panties on her head. Now Ayla struggles on the floor still tied up and helpless. Timmy has disappeared again but before he left he packed her panties deep inside her mouth and then sealed her mouth shut with layers of shiny black tape wrapped tightly around her head. The little bastard added more rope wrapping it around her upper arms and cinching her poor elbows close together behind her back. Then the little prevert tied her wand vibrator to her crotch using rope to secure the head of the vibrator to her pussy. He turned the thing on and left her alone tightly bound and gag. She struggles desperately in the ropes trying to ignore the vibrator stimulating her pussy. She needs to free herself before Timmy can think of other ways to torture his pretty step-mom. But with her elbows tied so tightly together escape is immpossible and she can't reach around her body with her elbows tied to pull the vibrator aways. Then she moves in just the right way and the head of the vibrator simulates her clit, Ayla can no longer fight it as her poor clit is vibed, she screams into her gag as her whole body begins to quiver and shake as her orgasm builds up inside her pussy. Finally she screams into her gag as her body pulls helplessly against the tight ropes as her orgasm explodes inside her pussy. Her mind goes blank as the orgasms begins to subside. Ayla pulls at the ropes again, she needs to get free now before she cums again. She then hears little Timmy in the next room, he is on the phone and to her horror she hears him inviting his friends over to play. 

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