Handcuffed escape challenge

58 photos; 10:24 video

Staring Dacey Harlot & Lexi Lane

bondage, Damsel in Distress, handcuffs, chains, high heels, shiny, lingerie, gagged girls, ball gagged, struggling, steel bound, predicament bondage, BDSM


Dacey and Lexi stand in the lair with their wrists locked in steel handcuffs at their bellies. The handcuffs are secured to a steel chain harness wrapped around their waists and criss-crossed across their chests. A set of leg shackles are locked around their ankles and ball gags are strapped tightly between their teeth to keep them from communicating with each other. A chain is also locked around the necks of both girls that is attached to overhead eye bolts to keep them from bending over. The Hunter tosses two sets of keys that fit the handcuffs and padlocks that restrain their bodies. The girls look down at the keys as he tells them that only one of the will be allowed to go free, the first girl to get the keys and escape the cuffs and padlocks will go home. The girls try to stretch their legs to reach the keys but with their necks restrained by the chain it isn't so easy. The girls are able to drag the keys over then they realize that there is no way to reach down to grab the keys and with stiletto heels strapped to their feet with ankle straps there is no way to take off their shoes to grab the keys with their toes. They discover that the thin stiletto heel of the shoes fit inside the key ring. They then struggle to capture the key ring with their stiletto heel then try to lift the keys on their heel without it slipping off and falling to the floor. But that is just half the battle as with the chain between their cuffed ankles barely long enough to lift the keys to their outstetched fingers. And with their necks tethered by the chain to the overhead eye bolt they can't bend over to get an extra inch. Each of the girls struggle desperately to get the keys to their hands before the other girl can escape, the question is can they escape and who can free themselves first?

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