Shiny balltied for forced orgasms

101 photos; 8:04 video

Staring Ayla Aysel

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, upskirt, shiny, back seamed stockings, struggling, rope, balltied, wand vibrator, forced orgasms, ball gagged, gagged girl, BDSM


Pretty neighbor girl Ayla sits on the sofa in a skin tight red vinyl mini dress, stiletto heels and back seamed stockings. She is also wearing pretty of rope binding her hand and foot. Her nylon encased curvy legs are fused together with ropes tied around her ankles and knees. Her wrists are tied behind her back with more ropes circling her chest, shoulders and upper arms to pin her arms behind her back. A big red ball gag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. She struggles deperately on the sofa before slipping to the floor pulling helplessly at the ropes but escape isn't possible. After her valient struggles to get free she lays exhausted on the floor wondering what the Hunter has planned for her. She doesn't have to wait long to find out as she is now tightly ball tied with her knees cinched to her chest and her stiletto heels pulled back to her ass and tethered to her wrists with more rope. Ayla can barely move at all and to make matters worse she cann feel the head of the vibrating wand vibrator pressing tight against her pussy from behind stimulating her pussy. The wand vibrator is tied in place and there is nothing she can  do about it. Ayla tries to move but about all she can move at this point is her head. She moans and sobs through her ball gag as her pussy is relentlessly vibrated with the wand vibrator Ayla eyes roll back in her head as she gets lost in her helpless passion as her first orgasm begins to build up deep inside her. Her pussy is dripping wet with passion as she struggles to move but the ropes are tied bowstring tight, she can do nothing but await the explosive orgasm building up deep inside her pussy. Ayla eyes roll back in her head as she moans in pleasure as she build to climax. Her whole body tenses and pulls at the ropes as her orgasm explodes in her pussy. Her fingers claw the air ahd her whole body trembles as she cums hard. Her orgasm beings to subside but there is no escaping the vibrator as it continues her now dripping wet pussy. Ayla moans and cries through her gag for help, she has had enough but there is no one to hear her pitiful cries for help.

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