Slutty coed begs her creepy uncle to tie her up for forced orgasms

80 photos; 15:04 video

Staring Bailey Paige

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Home for spring break slutty coed Bailey can't wait to visit her favorite Uncle Jim, she runs into the room with bundles of rope, a ball gag and wand vibrator behind her back. She sits next to Uncle Jim and tells him how much she has missed him and the naughty games they played over the years. She then shows him the ropes and begs him to please tie her up like he used to and then tells him that she learned some new stuff at college. He shows him a wand vibrator and tells him how much fun she has when she ties herself up and vibrates herself to orgasm. She really wants him to make her completely helpless and then use the vibrator on her. But old Uncle Jim tells her that he can't, her mother is already suspisious and if she ever finds out then he will be a a lot of trouble. But Bailey is adamate, she tells him that she is an adult now and can do whatever she pleases with whoever she pleases. She promises that her mother will never find out. Uncle Jim has always spoiled his favorite bratty neice and could never deny her anything so he reluctantly agrees. Bailey's heart nearly leaps out of her chest she is so excited, she has been dreaming of being helplessly bound and forced to orgams for months now. She hands him some rope and stands and places her hands behind her back. Bailey is shaking with excitement as she feels the ropes wrap tight around her wrists, her pussy is already dripping wet and when he cinches the ropes around her wrists she nearly cums. He then sits her on the sofa and ties a long rope around one of her slender ankles and frogties her leg back with her stiletto heel tied to her round ass. He rolls her over and frog ties her other leg as well. He moves her to the floor with her legs spread wide apart between his legs. Bailey can barely breath she is so excited and horny then she hears him turn on the vibrator and pushes the vibrating head against her pussy. Bailey melts into his arms as her brain floats away in ecstacy as her trobbing, wet pussy is stimulated by the vibrator. Then her wraps his free hand around her throat and squeezes, Bailey's pulls at the ropes around her wrists and feels them bite deep in her flesh, she loves the feeling of tight rope around her wrists and can no longer contain herself, she starts to scream in orgasm but Uncle Jim quickly clamps his hand over her mouth to stifle her orgasmic screams of pleasure. Bailey eyes roll back in her head, she loves her Uncle so much, her whole body pulling at the ropes as her pussy explodes. Uncle Jim continues to tease her pussy with the vibrator as Bailey slowly recovers her senses. He tells her that it is almost time for dinner and needs to go put some meat on the grill. Bailey begs him to tie her tighter and leave her with the vibrator tied to her pussy. Uncle Jim grabs more rope and ties the head of the vibator to his slutty nieces pussy and the ties her elbows together behind her back. Bailey looks up and tells him he is forgetting to gag her with the new ballgag she brought. So Jim pushes the ball gag between her teeth and turns on the vibrator and leaves her alone to enjoys herself in her tight bondage and stimulated pussy.

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