Real estate rivals million dollar handcuff escape challenge

61 photos; 14:40 video

Staring Gigi & Carmen Valentina

bondage, Damsel in Distress, handcuffs, shiny, satin, high heels, upskirt, pantyhose, struggling, self bondage, hogcuffed, hogtied, escape attempt, bound catfight, BDSM


Sexy real estate agent Carmen sits on the sofa trying to land a huge deal to sell high end condos, but the developer tells her that there is one other agent still in the running and he can't decide which one to choose. Then her arch rival Gigi walks into the room and sit down on the sofa next to Carmen. The two women loathe each other and are always trying to steal the other's clients. But with over a million dollar worth of sales on the line the girls try to play nice. But the hatred is just below the surface as they try to convince the devoloper that she is the better agent. But he tells them that he has a rather uncoventional method to choose from two very capable women. He tells them to reach under the pillows behind them, Gigi and Carmen move the pillows and find handcuffs, leg shackles and padlocks under each pillow. The pick up the steel restraints and hold they up not knowing what handcuffs have to do with selling condos. But the developer tells them that he has some kinks and tells them that if they want the contract then they have to play a little game for him. He informs them that they are to restrain themselves in the handcuffs and chain then he is going to drop the keys to the cuffs on the floor and the agent who escapes first will win. Both women look at him like he is crazy but he tells them that he is serious and if they don't want to play he will have to find others that want to get rich. Gigi and Carmen tell him that it won't be nessasary they really want to win. He tells them to lock the leg shackles around their own ankles then get on their knees. Gigi and Carmen do as he instructs and cuff there ankles then the two of them get on their knees. He tells them to lock the handcuffs on their wrists behind their back and then padlock the chain between the handcuffs to the chain between the ankles cuffs. Carmen and Gigi struggle to cuff themselves then hogcuff their leg shackles to their handcuffs. The developer drops the keys to the handcuffs on the floor between them and tells them that the one who manages to escape first and calls him will get the contract. He starts a video camera and leaves the real estate rival alone to fight over the key. Gigi and Carmen roll to the floor and try to grab the key to the cuffs before the other woman can get them first. There is a lot of catfighting, cursing, name calling and biting as the two classy women fight for the keys. Who will win? 

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