Sultery spy forced to gag herself with her own panties then is left hogtied

82 photos; 12:32 video

Staring Enchantress Sahrye

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Sultery Latina spy Sahrye has broken into the Hunter's home looking for clues to the missing girls. She tip-toes through the house in her stiletto heels peeking in doors and around corners. But her luck runs out when the Hunter steps out in the hall surprising Sahrye as she looks down the barrel of his .38, she instictively raises her hands and desperately tries to think of a story. She keeps her hands raised in surrender as she is marched backward through the house and then ordered to stand spread-eagle against the wall while he searches her. He then orders her over to the sofa where she takes a seat. She protests when her orders her to remove her panties, but she realizes that he is serious and to keep the dangerous Hunter placated she slides her hands up her tight red vinyl skirt and pulls her pantes down her curvy legs. He orders her to ball up her panties and stuff them into her mouth. Sahrye looks at her panties in disgust, they are moist and warm with her own juices. He is adamant and threatens her to his .38 so she packs her panties deep in her mouth. He tosses her a roll of thin red tape and is ordered to wrap the tape around her head to seal the panties inside her mouth. Once her mouth is tightly gagged he tosses her a bundle of rope and is ordered to take off her jacket and tie her shapely legs together with rope around her ankles and knees. Sahrye has no choice so she ties her ankles tightly together then wraps the ropes around her knees and cinches it tight. He orders her to climb off the sofa and get on her knees and place her hands behind her back. Sahrye's wrists and elbows are tightly bound by the Hunter with ropes wrapped around her shoulders, chest and upper arms and cinched tight. A rope is run from her bound wrists to her ankles as she is tightly hogtied. Once he has her helplessly bound and gag he leaves her alone to make arragements for her transportation. Sahrye struggles desperately on the floor pulling at the tight ropes in a futile attempt to wriggle free. But the ropes are too expertly tied there is no escape. But Sahrye is one to give up she will continue to struggle and resist until the end.

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