Busty Domme helplessly handcuffed for breast torment

92 photos; 8:04 video

Staring Isabella Dawn

bondage, Damsel in Distress, ebony bondage, black girl, big tits, over the knee boots, shiny, upskirt, cuffed elbows, thumb cuffs, gagged girl, ball gag, struggling, breast bondage, nipple vacuum tubes, BDSM


Busty black Dominatrix Isabella sits on the Hunter's table helplessly bound in steel. Her booted ankles are locked in leg shackles, spread apart and tethered to a set of ring mounted at the base of the table. Her muscular arms are cuffed helplessly behind her back with steel handcuffs locking her her elbows and wrists close together. A big red ball gag has been jammed between her teeth, spreading her jaws painfully open and stifling her bitching and protests. The Hunter comes in with more steel cuffs and chains, He locks a set of thumbcuffs around her thumbs then padlocks a chain to her handcuffs and pulling her wrists back he runs the chain through another ring mounted at the top of the table. Her arms are stretched back, twisting and pulling her muscular shoulders back then locking the other end of the chain to her cuffed elbows. Isabella is helplessly immobilized cruelly stretched out on the Hunter's table. He then lifts her shiny top up to reveal her big tits, Isabella protests through her gag as her exposes her big tits. He shows her a  set of clear vacuum tubes and asks if she knows what they are. Isabella has no idea and doesn't want to know, but the Hunter shows her anyway by placing one of the tubes over her left nipple then turns the crank sucking the air out of the tube. Isabella yelps and cries in pain as her nipple and breast is sucked up into the tube. He then attaches the other vacuum tube to her other nipple and sucks the air of of this tube as well. Isabella looks down at her tits in horror as her nipple and surround breast is sucked up into the tubes. The Hunter leaves her alone to suffer and struggle in the tight steel cuffs.

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