Her big ziptied tits are pulled & stretched by a heavy swinging gallon of paint

73 photos; 8:20 video

Staring Amanda Foxx

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Hot busty blond Amanda struggles in the lair cruelly bound with evil nylon zipties and tethered to the wall. She can feel the brutal zipties cut deep into her slender wrists and slice deeper into the soft flesh around her upper arms, pressing her poor elbows close together behind her back. She tries to call for help but with her mouth tightly packed and sealed shut with layers of shiny white tape wrapped around her head her pitiful screams and cries are muffled and useless. The Hunter returns to torture her big beautiful tits carring a gallon of paint and more zipties. Amanda begs and pleads through her gag as he opens her shiny satin blouse and wraps one of the zip ties around the base of her right tits. She yelps and cries into her gag as he pulls the ziptie tight around her breast, the hard nylon bites deep into the soft flesh around her boob causing it to swell and bulge as he pulls the ziptie tight. She watches helplessly as he wraps another ziptie around her left breast and pulls it tight causing it to also mushroom out and swell as the nylon sinks deep into the soft flesh around her breast. He trims the tails of the zipties then grabs another ziptie and wraps this one around the base of her already bound, swollen, throbbing tits. He pulls the ziptie tight binding her throbbing breasts tightly together. He grabs the end of a rope that runs up through an overhead pulley and ties it around the ziptie binding her breast together, He cinches the ziptie with the rope then walks over to the other end of the rope that dangles from the overhead pulley. Amanda's eyes go wild in terror as he ties a heavy gallon of paint to the rope then places the heavy paint can on the top of a chair back. He balances the paint can on the narrow wooden chair back then tells her not to move. Amanda realizes that if she moves she will upset the precariously balanced can of paint and it will fall. When it fall her poor bound throbbing tits will be jerked, pulled and strecthed. The Hunter taunts and teases her as she begs and pleads with him through her tightly gagged mouth. He then sits on the chair facing her and continues to torment poor Amanda as the paint can teters on the narrow edge of the chair back. She watches in horror as the Hunter taps the paint can causing it to fall off the chair. She watches as the heavy paint can fall to the floor only to be snatched up by the rope attached to her brutally bound tits. She screams in pain into her gag as her poor tormented tits a jerked and pulled as the paint can swings toward her. She pulls desperately at the zipties binding her arms but there is no escape, her arms are useless to her. She pulls at the rope tethering her wrists to the wall trying to stretch her body to get the heavy swinging paint can to the floor. But there isn't enough slack and she can only stretch so far. Poor Amanda watches helplessly as the paint can swings back and forth pulling and stretching her poor tormented tits with each swing. 

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