Getting revenge on the haughty divorce lawyer & his bitch ex-wife

101 photos; 16:03 video

Staring Nyxon & Gigi

bondage, Damsel in Distress, MILF, high heels, shiny, upskirt, back seamed stockings, pantyhose, on screen tying, on screen gagging, gagged girls, cleave gag, tied elbows, struggling, hogtied, BDSM


Haughty divorce lawyer Nyxon sits in her lounge chatting with her client Gigi on the phone, she tells Gigi to come to the office and sign the final divorce settlement, they got everything she demanded and more. They laugh knowing that they left her poor shlub of a husband broke and destitute, they destroyed his business and he is now living in a trailer park. Gigi tells Nyxon that she will be there soon and as they finish the phone call Nyxon hears a knock on the door. She looks up and sees a big hulking man walk in, she doesn't recognize him at first then realizes that it is Gigi's ex, he looks so different now, gone is his expensive business suits and jewlery. He isn't very happy with the settlement as Nyxon laughs and calls him a loser. He has had enough his ex-wife and this haughty lawyer, he grabs Nyxon and pushes her to the floor. Nyxon struggles but is easily overpowered as he sits on the sofa behind her and locks her arms behind his powerful legs. She demands he stop or she is going to call the cops. But the man has other plans as he pulls an old bandana out of his pocket and forces it deep into her mouth. The bandana fills her whole mouth forcing her jaws open, then he pulls out a roll of medical wrap and pulls it between her lips and wraps it tightly aorund her head. Nyxon squirms and struggles betwween his legs as she is brutally gagged but she is helpless to stop him. Once the medical wrap is tightly wrapped he pulls out some shiny black tape and reenforces her gag with the tape. Her eyes go wild over her gag as he pulls lengths of rope out of his pockets and piles the rope next to her struggling body. He grabs her arms and pulls them behind her back, Nyxon can feel the ropes as they bite deep into soft flesh around her upper arms, she grunts into her gag as her elbows crush together behind her back and the ropes are wrapped tightly around her arms. He then grabs more rope and wraps it around her slender wrists and binds them tightly together, weaving the ropes up her arms fusing her forearms completely together then tying it off to her elbows ropes. He looks down at her big tits peeking out of her low cut satin blouse, he unbuttons her blouse as Nyxon protest through her gag and exposes her big fake tits. More ropes are wrapped around her shoulders, upper arms and chest, framing her big tits in rope, then he cinches it all extremely tight. He crosses her ankles and ties then with more rope before rolling her over onto her belly, he tells her that he has to work fast before his bitch ex-wife shows up then she is going to get the same treatment. A rope is tied to her bound crossed ankles and run between her bound wrists, her knees are bent as her stiletto heels are pulled up to her hands as he brutally hogties the sexy lawyer on the floor. He leaves poor Nyxon struggling helplessly bound, gagged and hogtied on the floor then hides to await the arrival of his bitch ex-wife. When Gigi arrives she sees her hot busty lawyers struggling helplessly bound and gagged on the floor. She rushes over to help, Nyxon tries to scream a warning through her brutally tight gag but Gigi doesn't understand as she kneels next to Nyxon and struggles to find the knots. Gigi is then grabbed from behind and dragged over to the sofa as her ex pins her arms betwween her legs and pulls out another old bandana. Gigi protests and threatens him demanding that he stop and release both her and her lawyer. But he tells her that he has been wanting to shut her up for a long time and laughs as the bandana is stuffed deep in her big mouth. With her mouth stuffed and her arms pinned between his legs Gigi is helplessly to stop him as he pulls out the medical bandage and wraps it over her packed mouth, sealing her mouth shut and finally shutting her up. He grabs more rope and wraps it around her upper arms and slams her elbows together behind her back. He then rolls her over onto her belly next to her helplesly bound and struggling lawyer and crosses her ankles and ties them tightly together. Gigi struggles to reach over to Nyxon with her free hands to try to untie some of Nyxon's knots but with her elbows crushed together she can barely reach. He husband sees her trying to free her lawyer and grabbing more rope he ties Gigi's wrists tightly togethe then brutally hogties her next to her hot sexy lawyer. He husband then stands over the two helplessly bound and gagged women and tells them that he is going to have to wait until dark before he can move them. He tells them that they are going to disappear and there won't be any divorce signing today. He leaves them alone to struggle helplessly in their bondage. The woman pull at the ropes but it is useless and being hogtied so tight they can barely move their hands and realize that there is no way they can reach each other to untie any knots. The woman roll around screaming for help through their brutal gag but it is hopless there is no way anyone will hear their pitiful muffled screams for help. They need to not give up hope they have a few hours to find a way to escape before he returns and takes them away to who knows where.

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