Hot blond cousins tied up & humiliated by their creepy Uncle 4 their inheritance

212 photos; 17:06 video

Staring Whitney Morgan & Roxie Rae

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Sexy blonde Whitney is sitting on her sofa talking on the phone with her hot blonde cousin Roxie, their grandfather's estate was just settled and he left all his money and properties to his two favorite granddaughters Whitney and Roxie. He wanted to girl to spoil themselves rotten with all his money and the girls booked a round the world cruise to celebrate. But Roxie was stuck in traffic and Whitney was afraid that they might miss their flight. She had a car coming to pick them up and it was scheduled to arrive soon. She hears a knock on the door and tells Roxie to hurry then hangs up to get to door thinking, it was the driver, to tell him to please wait. But when she opens the door she is surprised to see her old creepy Uncle Jim standing there. He pushes past her without giving her a chance to slam the door in his face. He still smelled of cheap booze and cigars which brought back terrible memories of when she and Roxie were younger how he used to grab and grope them. Whitney tells him to leave, he is not welcome but he isn't listening. He begins to ask her questions about grandpa and the inheritance, then demands that he wants part of the estate. Whitney is mortified and begins to curse him out and laughs, he doesn't deserve a thing, he isn't even blood, he married into the family. He then asks about Roxie and Whitney tells her that Roxie is on her way and the two of them have a flight to catch for their around the world cruise and that he needs to leave now. But he tells her that he isn't going anywhere without the money and before Whitney can get to her phone he grabs her and pulls out a bundle of rope. Whitney tries to fight him off but he is too powerful for her as he pulls her arms behind her back. Whitney kicks at him as she feels the ropes wrap around her upper arms then gasps as her elbows slam together behind her back. He cinches her elbows and drags her down onto the sofa with him and begins to grab and grope her. Whitney protests as she pulls at the ropes but he grabs her flailing legs and crosses her ankles and binds them tightly together with more rope. Whitney begins to scream for help but he is ready for that. He pulls a long torn sheet out of his pocket and pulls it between her lips. The torn sheet is then wrapped around and around her head, pulling the corners of her mouth back and stifling her screams for help. Whitney rolls to the floor where he grabs her hands and ties her wrists tightly together as well. He rolls Whitney onto the floor on her belly and tightly hogties her. He leaves poor Whitney struggling on the floor in the cruelly tight ropes as he waits in ambush for petite Roxie to arrive. Roxie arrives moments later and sees her poor cousin cruelly bound, gagged and hogtied struggling on the floor. She is then grabbed from behind by Uncle Jim who drags her over to the sofa and ties her slender wrists together behind her back. Roxie tries to kick and squirm as he ties her wrists so he wraps his legs around her as they fall onto the sofa. With her wrists tightly tied he then grabs her feet and crosses her ankles and ties them tightly together as well. Roxie sinks to the floor on her hip protesting and calling for help. But he pulls out another torn sheet and pulls it between her lips and wraps it around and around her head like he did to Whitney stifling her screams. He grabs more ropes and wraps them around her upper arms then pulling the rope tight Roxie can feel her elbows crash together behind her back. He rolls her onto her belly next to her dear cousin Whitney and hogties her as well. He then demands that the girls sign over their entire inheritance to him. Both Whiteny and Roxie laugh through their gags in defiance. He tells them that since everyone knows that they are scheduled to go on a cruise that they won't be missed for quite sometime. He plans on keeping them bound and gagged until they give him everything he demands. The girls refuse to cooperate so he tells him that the longer they resist the tougher things will get. He then moves the girls on the floor so that they are lying hogtied on their sides with their heads facing each other's crotch. He grabs more ropes and ties a rope around Roxie's tiny waist then runs the rope down between her legs. The rope is then wrapped around the back of Whitney's neck as he pushes Whitney's face into Roxie's pussy, he pulls the rope back between Roxie's legs and ties it off with Whitney's face buries in her cousin's pussy. Then a rope is tied around Whitney's belly and run between her legs as well. The He pushes Roxie's face into Whitney's pussy and wraps the rope around the back of her neck. The rope is run back through Whitney's legs and tied off with Roxie's face buried in her cousin's pussy as well. He tells the girls that this is only the beginning of the fun he will be having until they give up and sign over their inheritance to him. He leaves them hogtied and helpless in the bound 69 position to look for some booze. Roxie and Whitney gag talk once he departs trying to think of a plan on how to thwart his plan. They struggle in the tight ropes but escape is imposible they will have to remain defiant until they can escape their deviant Uncle Jim.

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