Flirty barfly bound for pussy eating

228 photos; 31:32 video

Starring Maria Jade

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Sexy flirtatous Maria is sitting at the bar drinking with two rough looking guys she just met. She flirts with the duo getting them to buy her drinks as she puts on her little cock tease act. But when the bar maid cuts her off she stumbles out of the bar to go home. As she struggles to open her car door the two hombres approach wanting to go home with her. But Maria resists and tells them to fuck off. But the two horny bruts decide that they aren't going to take no for an answer, one of them grabs her car keys as the other grabs her and drags her into the back seat of her car. He climbs in the back with her as the other man drives away. Maria tries to fight him off but he pulls out some rope and quickly ties her hands together. Maria struggles iwth him wriggling and kicking with her stiletto heels so he grabs her by the throat and holds her tight with one arm as he grabs and feels her up with his free hand. They drive Maria to a house and put on some ski masks. One of the thugs carries Maria into the house over his shoulder with her hands still tightly bound and now a ball gag jammed between her teeth and strapped in tight. They carry her over to a rope hanging down from the ceiling and ties her bound wrists to the rope with her arms stretched high above her head. Maria struggles as the grab, grope and explore her bound stretched body, licking and kissing her neck and explore her pussy with their hands pushed inside her panties. They then peal off her dress and continue to kiss and fondle her then they remove her bra. The men lift up their hoods to suck and bite Maria's breast and nipples as they continue to explore her pussy inside her panties. They decide it is time to move her to the bedroom for more fun. They free her bound wrists from the rope hanging down from the ceiling then one of them lift her up onto his shoulder again and carries her into the bedroom. The drop her on the mattress with her hands still tied and the ball gag still tightly strapped between her teeth. Maria kicks, squirms and tries to get away but they overpower her. The two brutish men hold her down as they continue to lick, kiss and explore her body, but Maria continues to fight, punching at them with her small bound hands. They decide that she is moving around too much and her stiletto heels might cause some damage. So as one of the men pulls her panties down her slender legs the other grabs her wrists and ties them to the headboard. With her hands tied down they return to kissing and fondling her body, but Maria still doesn't stop trying to fight them off, kicking at them with her stiletto heels. So they grab more rope and spread her legs. As one of the men ties her ankles to the sides of the bed the other man begins to eat her pussy. Maria can no longer fight with her legs spread and tied and her wrists lashed to the headboard. The two of them take turns with one of them sucking and biting her breasts and nipples as the other one continues to lick, suck and eat her pussy. Maria begs and cries through her gag but they ignore her protests. Maria begins to get turned on and tries to fight her urges but the two of them are unrelenting and soon they bring her to orgasms. Maria kicks and bucks as much at the tight ropes allow as her pussy explodes in orgasm. The two men change places again and continue to lick, suck and play with her tits and pussy until they bring poor Maria to another orgasm. Maria's head gets foggy and she loses all track of time as they bring her to orgasm again and again. Finally they get up as poor Maria lay on her back still tighty bound and gagged and totally drained. She can hear them high five each other then discuss going to find another girl to bring back so that they don't have to share. They leave Maria bound, gagged and helplessly tight to the bed totally exhausted as they go out in search of another girl to bring home.

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