Her restful cabin retreat turned into bondage hell

28:07 video

Staring Danni Lyons

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Rich corporate executive Danni Lyons drove all day straight from the office. She was really looking forward to her weekend away at her remote cabin in the woods. She parked the car and lugged her heavy suitcase out of the back seat and started to shlep it across the gravel drive when she saw what she assumed was on of the maintnance guys working around the side of the cabin. She ordered him over to help her with her back. He came over to help but was extremely rude, Danni made a note to herself to complain to the management company and have the bastard fired. But she was tired from her long drive and just wanted to get inside and get a hot shower and relax. She opened the door to the cabin and the man followed her inside. He closed the door behind him which gave Danni a sudden chill, she ordered him to leave but instead of leaving he just looked around the cabin. Danni hid her fear and insisted that he could leave now. But then he grabbed her and pulled out a huge hunting blade. Holding it at her thoat he dragged her around the cabin looking the place over, opening drawers and demanding she keep quiet. In the kitchen he found a pile of ropes in one of the drawers. He grabs the ropes and drags her back into the living room. He throws her onto the sofa. Before Danni could roll away he was on top of her. He pulled her arms behind her back. Danni was defiant but he easily overpowered her and to her horror he bound her wrists tightly behind her back. She protested loudly but his answer was to pack her mouth with a rag and then sealed her mouth shut with duct tape. Danni couldn't believe this was happening to her. She winced in pain as he wrapped ropes around her elbows and pulled the painfully together. Danni could feel the bones of her elbows crunch together behind her back as her shoulders were stretched painfully back. Then he moved to her ankles, Danni was mortified when he pulled the skirt of her dress up and slapped her ass before lashing her ankles tightly together. He then explained that he escaped for prison and needed a place hidout, rest and plan his next move. He left Danni alone to struggling in her tight bonds while he continued to search the place. But Danni wasn't going to stay in place. She struggled onto the floor, loosing her hight heeled pumps, and tried to get to the door. But escape was impossible, she didn't get far before he came back. He looked down at her and told her that he really needed some sleep but didn't trust her to keep still. Danni watched in horror from the floor as he strung a rope from one of the ceiling beams. She had no idea what he planned to do with that rope and really didn't want to know. He came to her and started grabbing her tits and ass. He told her that he really needed some sleep and that they could play later and he pulled her to her feet. 

Sexy executive Danni Lyons can't beleive how her weekend retreat to her mountain cabin as turns so quickly into a nightmare. She has been taken captive, bound and gagged by an escape convict. He looks down on her after her feeble escape attempt. He tells her that he really needs some rest but doesn't trust her to behave. So Danni watched in horror as he tied a rope around one of the overhead timbers on the ceiling. He picked her up and then attached her bound wrists to the rope. Her poor shoulders were already under severe strain from having her elbows lashed completely together behind her back. He pulled the rope between her bound wrists and hoisted her wrists high up behind her back. Her poor shoulders now screamed in agony as he pulled her wrists higher. He then tied off her wrists leaving her hanging by her wrists from the ceiling. "I am going to take a nap,"he informed her and to her dismay and horror he went into the bedroom and lied down. Danni struggled in her bondage but every movement was agony on her poor twisted shoulders. She couldn't believe he could just leave her hanging there like a side of beef while he too a nap. Time passed slowly for Danni with each minute seeming like hours, she didn't know how long she was hanging before she mercifully blacked out. She was slapped awake later in the day still hanging by her wrists. Her hands were numb and she didn't even know if her arms were still attached to her shoulders or not. He tauted her as he untied her wrists and arms for the strappado rope. Once he released her arms from the ceiling she collapsed in a heap on the floor unable to move, every muscle and bone in her body ached and burned some of her curculation was restored. Danni prayed he would take pity on her and untie her arms, but he had other plans.


Sexy executive Danni Lyons is still captive of the escaped convict in her mountain getaway cabin. Her nightmare continues he had moved her off the living room floor and tossed her onto the bed. Danni has been bound and gagged for what seemed hours and now struggles on the her bed. Her hands and fingers are numb from being bound so tightly for so long. She rolls around on the bed trying to get some feeling back into her arms and hands. But the convit isn't finished with her. He rolls her over onto her belly and ties ropes around her chest and shoulders. The rope is pulled down to her bound ankles and her ankles are pulled up to her hands. He cruelly hogties her on the bed with the skirt of her dress riding high up on her hips. She is replused as he lays down next to her and starts to fondle her tits, ass and pussy. But there is nothing she can do to stop him except cry and moan into her gag shaking her head no. But he has other ideas.

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