Sexy captive kept cruelly gagged and hogtied in his lair

98 photos; 9:24 video

Staring Jae Lynn

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Busty Jae Lynn has been taken captive by the Hunter, he carries her into his lair slung over his shoulder with her arms fused together behind her back in ropes. Her stiletto heels flail in the air as she kicks and wriggles on his shoulder, begging and pleading with him to please let her go. He sits her on his table and stuffs an old rag deep in her mouth, telling her to keep quiet. Jae Lynn pulls at the tight ropes biting deep in the soft flesh around her wrists and elbows, she can feel her elbows kissing behind her back the ropes are so tight. Once he packs her mouth he pulls out a long strip of torn cloth and pulls it between her lips, packing the rag deeper in her mouth and wrapped the strip around her head a few time before tying it off. He then rolls her over with chest on the table, her feet on the floor and her ample ass wriggling in the air. He grabs more rope and ties her knees and ankles tightly together then flips her over with her feet on the floor and her ass resting on the side of his table. A rope is tied around her tiny waist then pulled down between her legs. The crotch rope slices deep between her pussy lips, cleaving her pussy in two then he runs the rope up the crack of her ass and feed between her tightly bound wrists. Jae Lynn is rolls up onto the table on her belly as he bend her legs with her heels to her ass. The crotch rope is feed between her stiletto heels then pulls bowstring tight then wrapped around her forearms just below her elbows. Jae Lynn is completely helpless in the cruel hogtie but he isn't finished yet. The Hunter pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches it to her hogtie rope. The chain is tightened pulling the crotch rope deeper into her pussy and lifting her wrists higher in the air and her stiletto heels closer to her hands. Jae Lynn sobs and cries through her gag when her tells her that he is going to go out for an hour or so but needs to insure that she can't dislodge the gag so he grabs a roll of shiny black electrical tape. He wraps the tape tightly over her already tight cleave gag, the stretchy tape pack the rag deep in her throat, she knows that there is no way she will ever be able to spit the gag out and she can't believe he intends to leave her alone brutally hogtied and cruelly gagged, there is no way she can move much more then her head as drool begins to flows past her cruel gag and runs down her chin onto the table. She moans and cries through her gag in disbelief as he leaves her helpess and alone.

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