Busty blond MILF breast bound with evil thin leather cords

79 photos; 8:15 video

Staring Amanda Foxx

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Hot busty blond Amanda is dragged into the lair with her hands bound behind her back in thin leather cords. Her wrists are hammer locked with the leather cords wrapped around her arms and shoulders, pinning her hands to the center of her back. A leather harness gag, that holds a big red ball gag firmly between her teeth has been strapped on her head. The Hunter bends poor Amanda over his table and ties her slender ankles tightly together with more thin leather cords. Once her ankles are tied he pulls her to her feet and with her resting her ass on the table he pulls her big tits out of her shiny black crop top. Amanda eyes beg and plead with him as he pulls out more leather cords and begin to bind her big beautiful breasts with the leather cords. The thin leather bites deep in the soft flesh around the base of her tits as her breast begin to swell and bulge. Both of her big tits are tightly bound and throbbing then he begins to tie them tightly together by wrapped the cords around the base of both of her bound breasts and cinches the cords tightly together. He pushes her up onto his table and rolls her over onto her belly. Amanda grunts and cries in pain as her body weight crushes her brutally bound, throbbing tits under her. The Hunter ties another cord to a ring at the top of her harness gag then pulls the cord back to her bound wrists and forcing her head back he ties the cord to her hands. Amanda's neck is arched and immobilized as the leather cord is pulled bowstring tight. He leaves her alone struggling on the table trying to shift her weight off of her throbbing, swollen tits but it is hopless, she can barely move. The Hunter comes back with still more leather cords and ties the new one between her bound stiletto heels. He then runs the cord up to the cord attached to her head harness and ties this cord off with her legs bent in a strict hogtie. He then asks if she wants to get her weight off her tits, with tears in her eyes begs him to move her. But when her moves her with her tits hanging off the edge of the table Amanda begs and cries in terror, afriad that she might fall forward off the table. He tells her that if she doesn't struggle too much then she will not fall. He leaves her brutally bound in the thin leather cords precariously perched on the edge of the table

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