Pro Domme is shown the other side of bondage

121 photos; 9:09 video

Staring Dawn Isabella

bondage, Damsel in Distress, ethnic girl, big tits, shiny, over the knee boots, spandex upskirt, gagged girl, tape gag, on screen gagging, tied elbows, struggling, strappado, crotch rope, BDSM


Strong black Domme Dawn Isabella struggles in the lair with her arms welded tightly together behind her back with ropes. The ropes slice deep into the soft flesh around her upper arms, crushing her elbows together and her wrists are bound and tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Dawn twists and turns, pulling desperately at the ropes, she isn't used to being on this side of the ropes and she such doesn't like it. She sees the winch on the other side of the room and kicks at it with her stiletto boots, but it is just out of reach. Then she hears the Hunter comes in and demands that she has had enough of this foohishness and orders him to untie her now. But the Hunter tells her that her new experience has just started as he pulls an old rag out of his pocket. Dawn tries to struggle away but her grabs her and forces her big out open and stuffs the rag deep in her mouth. He pulls out a roll of shiny white tape and quickly seals her mouth shut with the rag packed deep inside. He goes over to the winch and begins to crank it. Dawn can feel her hands being raised up high behind her back as he cranks the winch. Then the Hunter pulls down on the chain jerking her hands up high in the air, twisting her poor shoulders in a severe strappado as he checks her flexibility. He releases the chain allowing Dawn to lower her arms from the severe strappado as he sorts through more rope. The Hunter then ties her knees tightly together then cinches them together with another long rope. This rope is run up over her shoulders and between her crushed elbows. He pulls the slack out of the rope which pulls her chest down to her knees forcing her to twists her shoulders once again with her hands pulled up high behind her back. He runs the rope back over her shoulders and between her bound knees again then up over and around the back of her neck where he ties it off. Dawn struggles to keep her balance in the severe strappado position as he ties her booted ankles tightly together. Another rope is tied around her narrow waist then pulled down beween her legs and bured deep in her crotch. The crotch rope is then up her ass and pasted through the rope around her waist. The Hunter pulls the crotch rope back to the wall behind her and pulled through an eye bolt. Dawn bitches and protests through her gag as the Hunter pulls the rope through the eye bolt pulling her backward toward the wall which forces and stretches her shoulders even more. He ties off the rope leaving her in the severe bent over strappado.

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